A Haunting in New York: Valentown

Hello everyone. Today I’ll be talking about an investigation that we took part in while in Victor, New York at a place called Valentown.

Just to give you a little background on Valentown, it was built in 1879 by a man named Levi Valentine. The three story structure was meant to be a railroad station, however, the  railroad company went bankrupt and the railroad never made it as far as Victor, New York. In 1940 a man by the name of J. Sheldon Fisher bought the property then opened it as a museum. Most of the original artifacts are still found in the building, including many from the civil war.

Aside from having artifacts of dead soldiers in the museum that may have energy attached to them, Valentown has suffered from a few tragic events during the early 1900’s. It’s rumored that the top floor was once a ballrooom, and that a jealous man walked in and shot his lover whom was dancing with another man. Many believe her spirit still lurks within the confinements of the tall construction. After my experiences at Valentown I felt as if there was something or someone that may have attached itself to me and followed me home for about two weeks. My wife and I both felt it may have been a woman and a boy. We never seen them but it was like we could feel them  in our home at night, watching us.

The flirtatious lady’s murder isn’t the only dark history this building has consumed. There was a time in which the building wasn’t being used for much at all, and the current management had mentioned that during the 1918 Flu outbreak the vacant property was used to store dead and rotted bodies of influenza victims from the local Victor, NY area. These bodies had lain and decayed in great multitudes, stacked on top of one another in the basement of the structure, and no one knows for how long. The history of Valentown seems to be what one would consider a perfect concoction for a paranormal breeding ground.

We had the opportunity to spend the night at both Valentown and the house across the street from the building that was said to have been built and owned by J. Sheldon Fisher. In short, during our stay we had seen a few orbs, heard loud footsteps approaching us from the stairway, felt and heard breathing next to us at times, and believed a few things brushed up against us while investigating the location. One member of our team stated that he thought he had seen a shadow move, which was one of the claims of the property manager. A few weeks later TAPS, Ghost Hunters also visited the location and had a lot of the same experiences that we did, only something may have erased all of their audio and some video footage of their experiences.

As the night passed by we also had a few great EVP sessions in which at one point a very disgruntled voice said, “I am scared, war is here… the man… with the camera.”  Since I was the only one holding a camera at the time, I am assuming it meant me for reasons unknown. — Unfortunately, someone else owns the audio tape whom was another Investigator from the NY area that wasn’t a part of our group. However, we do have video footage of some of our experiences that I will upload at a later time.  Meanwhile I have added a few stills taken of the night, found below.

Photos one and two were of myself shooting video footage, we had a lot of shots in the basement, which is where the bodies were said to have been stored in 1918 during the Flu. At first glance you could dismiss the spots you see as possible dust particles, however, we had many other photos from the basement and none of them had so much as a speck in the air. We also heard shifting of old furniture while we were there, but we dismissed that as mice or something that may have been of this world.

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Photo number three is just an exterior shot of Valentown by Ryan Gann, one of the members of the team that was with us that night. A bit blurred but you get the picture… it’s tall, it’s old, it’s spooky.


Photo four is where we heard footsteps coming down the stairs and it sounded like something was brushing along the walls. Another member of the team and I were at the bottom of the steps looking out of a window. As the footsteps on the stairs began we thought we may have seen a reflection of something  coming down them just behind us. When we moved to the next room we heard faint footsteps as well.  The sounds of something walking around the room slowly faded away as if it just disappeared… or maybe it sat down in the dark room when we did.


In this photo you will see what was once the ballroom in which the lady was rumored to have been shot by her lover. The shadow in this photo is myself, not an actual shadow person.


And this next photo was taken in the small house across the street, which oddly enough is the location that we had an EVP session that we listened to immediately after asking questions, in which the reply on tape said, “I am scared, war is here… etc” One member of our team also felt as if something was brushing against his leg while we sat at a table together. Some say there may be the energy of a cat in the home.


So, there’s some of our evidence from Valentown. I’ll upload video footage of the night at a later time. In the meantime if you want to know more about Valentown I suggest watching the Ghost Hunters episode on YouTube. I was glad we were able to visit there first because many of their claims paralleled our own personal experiences. (Update: I have added some of the footage from the Ghost Hunters footage found on YouTube, of course there is always a chance that YouTube will take it down, so if you view this page and the content is missing, please post a reply letting us know so we can delete it from the page, thanks.)

Here is one last photo for your review. This is a larger photo of the featured image on here, which is the main room of the museum. There is nothing special about the shot, it’s just a nice representation of the location and speaks volumes as to what our experiences were like. Though if you look closely, there may have been orbs, or that could be the light hitting the lens, as most skeptics would say. You decide.


So until next time, have a great life and as for this post simply do as we will always ask of you and ask yourself is that impossible?

William C. Raustler

Beyond the Circle, Founder