A Vampire Grave: Decapitated Skeletons Unearthed

a117 headless bodies found 

Construction workers have unearthed 17 bodies in Poland; the location is believed to have been a vampire burial ground. Each skeleton was buried naked with nothing buried within. They had been decapitated, each severed skull placed between the knees or their hands with rocks laid upon the skull for extra weight to hold it down with. Archaeologist Lukasz Obtulowicz said, “All this served to prevent the vampires from returning to life” People back then believed that had they not severed the skull that the vampires would rise again, seeking revenge.

It is believed that the bodies may date back to the 15th century when there was a widespread panic and belief in vampires. The bodies that were found are also fairly close to a known location that used to have a gallows, which is where they may have been put to death. They are trying to check execution logs from that time period to see if they can uncover any information. Since the bodies were just buried and left behind there were no known gravestones to go by so there isn’t any names attached as of yet. Another archaeologist said that “It was one of the most common forms of burying vampires”  Just last year in Bulgaria two skeletons were discovered with iron rods jabbed through their chest. That was another common practice to prevent the rise of persons that were believed to have been vampires.

What do you think, was it another witch hunt where people were wrongfully accused or is it possible that these 17 skeletons could have been real vampires? Now that they have been found, it makes me wonder if they have any relatives that might want the remains, and if these relatives are vampires as well. Maybe they will soon collect what is theirs.





















Photograph by Andrzej Grygiel, European Pressphoto Agency

Polish archaeologists believe this skeleton with the head between the legs was found in a ‘vampire’ grave. Upon examination, physical anthropologists determined that the man may have died of consumption (known as tuberculosis). Those who suffer from this infectious disease grow pale, lose weight, and appear to waste away—attributes commonly linked both to vampires and their victims. The vampire’s desire for food forces it to feed off living relatives, who suffer a similar wasting away. The suspected vampire’s head would then be severed and placed between his/her knees in their grave. Should this be the truth, then that means that the 17 skeletons very well may have been a group of sickened cannibals whom were caught feasting upon human flesh. They would have then been brought to the gallows, executed, decapitated, then buried naked with nothing in the graves with them.

But if the archaeologists are wrong about them possibly having consumption …



~William C. Raustler