About Beyond the Circle .Net

This website is for believers, skeptics, and all things paranormal, however, at times we will post about non paranormal topics as well. Non paranormal discussions would have to be extremely out of the ordinary to make it here, but we are always open minded and ready to hear obscured tales.

We have several columnists that will bring you reviews and news, covering entertainment and media, historical or up to date paranormal claims, and much more. Of course we intend to debunk hoaxes every chance we get. Users are encouraged to submit content or give testimonials of encounters. You can also help debunk footage or stories that have been submitted if you feel strongly that the video or story is a hoax. If enough people provide evidence that proves the videos, photos, or stories are false – we will move the post to the “Busted” category.

Aside from writing blogs we will soon offer various web shows in our theater section that we’ll personally create from concept to completion. We’re more than glad to have you here, please, take a look around and make yourself at home. Reply to blogs and videos, check out our Xtras for fun, get awesome items in our storefront, or just trade opinions and knowledge with other users in the forums if you want.

We are also open to suggestions. Got an idea that would make you feel more at home here? Let us know.

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