Atacama Humanoid

Scientists at Stanford University have been researching the remains of a humanoid no larger than 6 inches tall, found in the Atacama Desert back in 2003. Steven M. Greer was brought on board to examine the mummy-like remains in 2009 and wasn’t permitted to do further testing until late 2012. After six months of thorough testing by respected experts, the results are in.

What the scientists found is that this small being isn’t human in any fashion. Some were planting the idea  throughout the internet that the remains was from an aborted fetus or something of that nature. It’s important to recognize that reliable experts found that  the body has a mature, not a fetal tooth, in the mandible. This life-form is an adult specimen.

DNA was extracted via bone marrow by dissecting distal ends of two anterior ribs. Dr. Lachman, an expert on skeletal dysplasia and abnormalities was brought on board to examine X Rays and CAT scans, only to find that the remains wasn’t human at all. In Steven M. Greer’s online report he notes that, “There is absolutely no doubt that the specimen is an actual organism and that it is not a hoax of any kind.”

HumanoidIn this photo I feel that it’s important to make note that the cranium is elongated, much like the grey men reports from thousands of testimonials worldwide. Throughout times various human cultures would elongate their heads on purpose, we believe to be more like the Gods, which were really aliens, that they encountered. The researchers believe the cause of death to the Atacama Humanoid was due to a fracture of the right posterior-lateral skull. Its right upper arm was also fractured.

A documentary film is being made called Sirius about the findings of this small creature that also brings other information to light such as alien technologies. I did find a short trailer for the film that you can watch below.

hmDr. Lachman’s testing found that there was no deformities, defects, or known abnormalities. The testing of the skeleton and examination of the epiphyseal plates in the knees when comparing them to normal humans concluded that the being may have lived to be six to eight years of age. The scientists aren’t ready to make a bold statement such as their findings prove that the humanoid is an ET. but, with the results that are in, how can we not believe so? Unless of course, we are the ET, and they were here first, hence the secret underground civilizations.

Of course if you haven’t read my other article, Alien Alteration Vs Evolution, I highly recommend that you do. It features an almost two hour long lecture by Lloyd Pye as he makes his case for DNA alterations that create the human race as you know it, done by no other than the ancient aliens. Could the Atacama Humanoid be one of those aliens?


Here is a trailer for the Sirius Documentary.