Beautiful Creatures Film Review

I just watched Beautiful Creatures on itunes. Since Jessie (one of our authors) made Beautiful Creatures our book of the month, I won’t hash it over too much, but can we say Twilight with witches? I have to admit there were a few scenes that were pretty cool but then again there were a lot of scenes that tipped the cheese-o-meter. Is it just me or did the casting director pick someone to play the role of Lena (Alice Englert) whose prettier but looks a lot like Twilight’s Bella (Kristen Stewart)? I guess they wanted to go with a look that sells? Of course to her advantage, Alice has more than one expression and a possible future in film.

I did like the Southern drawl with some catchy sayings like “mess of fools” and there was at least two times that the writers said something enjoyable such as “I envy people in comas” and “What if I had a magic wand and I could let you see your future, what would be there?” – Other than that – it’s the same mysterious supernatural newcomer attends school and on the first day a mortal that feels like he/she doesn’t fit in falls in love with the dangerous creature and won’t take no for an answer when pursuing romance. Speaking of first days, did any of you that watched this film notice that people already knew there was a new student in their class before they ever went to class?

We traded love scenes of glistening vampires for poetry lined walls with magical glowing gold writing and romantic love scenes scattered in beautiful white snowfalls on a warm Southern day. I think this type of film cannot be considered horror based on the fact that there really isn’t an ounce of horror in the film – it’s a fictitious supernatural romance commonly known as a teenage chick flick. I won’t bash it too much, if you like these kinds of stories I’m sure you’ll love the film, but if you are searching for horror, don’t spend your money here, the remake of “Carrie” will be out soon enough! For me this film was too clean and had too many non convincing performances. If you are in it for the laughs, don’t look here either, I recommend going back to 1987 and watching, “The Witches of Eastwick” instead. However if you are a true supernatural romance fan, don’t worry the buck doesn’t stop here, I am certain that Beautiful Creatures will make sequel after sequel, until the viewers stop viewing. And aside from that, you now have zombie love to embrace in “Warm Bodies” While I can appreciate a good romance or comedy, I’m just not accepting these films with open arms like many have.

~ William C. Raustler.


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