Biohackers Create Night Vision Eye Drops


Move over science fiction writers, the biohackers are at it again. Many writers enjoy writing about scenarios that we often can only imagine happening, like what if man could fly? What if we learned to program chips that could be placed in our heads? What if we altered our bodies to breath under water without using an oxygen tank? And the time is here where people called biohackers are making a name for themselves by doing just that. By definition a biohacker is someone that engages biology with a hacker’s ethic. PBS even says that you could call it citizen or do-it-your-self biology. Just as hackers are eager to gain full control over the systems they hack, biohackers attempt to create alterations in biology with the hopes of gaining full control of whatever their dream may be. Imagine a world full of humans without limitations.


Tilt your head back and open your eyes. Wider! Ready? A few droplets of a chemical called Chlorin e6 (Ce6) may one day be carefully squeezed into your eyes and then within an hour or so you’ll see perfectly in the dark. Recently a group of biohackers and independent researchers got together to once again, come up with solutions to alter the human body. The chemical is often used in night blindness treatments but these guys have taken it a few steps further.

They were able to test their findings on a human and the man was able to see symbols in the dark as well as being able to see people whom were standing more than 160 ft away from him… while it was pitch black. Now I’m sure that only really hardcore night vision enthusiasts would want to see in the dark full time, but the rest of us would probably want our eyes to go back to normal after a while. The good news is that the night vision enhancements are not permanent and they do work. What does this mean for ghost hunters around the globe? If we normally use night vision cameras to see while investigating, maybe it would be nice to also be able to see better while stumbling around in the dark of a few broken mansions and caves. I’m sure that night photographers, hunters, the military and police departments might like this “enhancement” as well.

Yes, there are plenty of night goggles that do the same trick without having to take a chance of harming your eyes, after all, these test trials haven’t shown what any long term affects or consistent use can end up doing to us if we were to begin using the drops excessively. (Like people whom believe they are vampires might do.) But who knows, if these guys can prove it’s safe enough we might see it available in stores or maybe even sold through GhostStop.Com (click my banner ad at the top of the page) I think they’re onto something. Tell us what you think about biohackers and/or night vision eye drops. I’m eager to know your opinions. Would you like to use these drops to see what’s lurking in the dark?


Just think, you could be the next Riddick!

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Riddick Art Credit: Alexander Levett


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~William C. Raustler