Black Eyed Kids



BEK (Black Eyed Kids) – Reports are Increasing!

Some of you may have heard or read about BEK’s (Black Eyed Kids also called Black Eyed Children) and for those of you that have not, here is the skinny: Apparently there are claims of children whose eyes are fully blackened that come knocking on doors, asking permission to come in. Sometimes they may tell a story about how one of them has to use the phone or the bathroom, or anything they can come up with that they believe will tempt you into saying yes and opening the door for them to cross the threshold.

They have been known to say off the wall things like, “We’ve been sent here to collect you.” or “Just let us in, this won’t take long.” They can often read your mind to answer questions you haven’t asked yet, but were thinking about asking. These black-eyed kids always travel in pairs. People claiming to have had an encounter with them say their clothes are drab, often looking homemade and that they don’t seem to use normal human-like mannerisms.

A few theories of what people believe these children are include ideas of them being bloodsuckers, angels, demons, aliens, spirits, or some unknown entity sent to take your soul or life. To make things stranger, now there are newer rumors/claims of WEK’s (White Eyed Children) being seen as well. People say that they believe that the two counterparts fight with one another.

Have you heard about these children that sound like they crawled out of a Stephen King novel? Have you seen them for yourself? What do you think about the claims and what do you believe these children really are, if they aren’t actual children?