Boy Finds Mummy in the Attic

amummy– Mummy Found in the Attic –

Have you ever been in your grandparent’s attic or closet hoping to find something that will just blow your mind? You know, all those times you may have been playing around in the basement sifting through boxes of old photos and then you look over and you see the mound of old things almost forgotten about in the corner of the room. It might have a blanket over it or just be a stack of boxes, and you think, damn how cool would it be to find a treasure chest or some kind of half a century old secret that they have kept from everyone.

Well, a 10-year-old boy in Diepholz, Germany done just that. Except what Alexander Kettler had found in the corner of his grandmother’s attic was a dead body – a really, really old one. Apparently his grandparents had bought a mummy in the late 1950’s while visiting Africa, which was a common trend back in those days. People used to throw an unwrapping mummy party. When opening the wooden crate they found the mummy still wrapped up and forgotten about. BBC News said that the boy’s father is going to drive it to Berlin for experts to take a look at it. They believe it may have been a genuine relic from ancient Egypt. What a find, right?

I have a friend whose grandfather had knocked over an armored truck with several other men a long time ago. The man was the sole survivor since most of the men either died or were caught that day. Somehow he had gotten away and lived off of the money his entire life, appearing dirt poor. To outsmart everyone he didn’t go on a spending spree, no – he stashed it all here and there and barely bought anything at all. When he passed away people were sure they’d probably find a stash of cash in the bed mattress or maybe in the fireplace or inside the wall somewhere. To their surprise nothing was there. I guess they would have loved to have opened a wooden crate in a closet that was full of cash – or maybe they would have loved the mummy this kid found just the same.

Me, I’ve never been lucky enough to come across any old relics or something that interesting. But I did find a stash of candy at this one old person’s home – Werthers Originals – that’s as lucky as I’m going to get.


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~ William C. Raustler