Alien Alteration vs. Evolution

Not too long ago I was watching a documentary TV show called “Ancient Aliens” and one of the theories thrown out there was that humans were slaves to the aliens to help them mine for gold – that we were DNA alterations of the aliens mixed with a species living on the Earth at the time, that you may know as Neanderthals,  hence the missing link in the evolutionary chain.

The most interesting concept that evolved from this theory was how they kept God in the picture as the creator of everything, hence the Big Bang, and something came from nothing, then scientific studies as you know it documented life on Earth and evolution, only to remain clueless as to how we jumped ahead so quickly to become humans. In that particular documentary they explained various ideas that even portions of mythology may have been true, mankind mistaking aliens for Gods, whom had God-like abilities when compared to us weak and inferior beings.

The Ancient Aliens documentary also presented examples of alien craft wars here on Earth, witnessed by humans whom documented the events through hieroglyphics, showing that at some point the aliens that we knew of battled another alien visitor that may have wanted to dominate our planet. It is unknown if it was for selfish reasons or not, since they made alterations genetically mixing their DNA with pre-humans to establish slaves to mine for gold. For the Christians, you are promised a heaven paved in gold and some may believe that is where they were taking it all, but there is also another explanation presented by Llyod Pye in which he believes the gold is being used to maintain and fix the atmosphere of the alien’s planet of Nibiru.


In his studies he has made claims that not only does he also believe that the missing link between pre-humans and humans were indeed a jump in evolution due to alterations of DNA by an alien being, but also that the pre-humans still co-exist with us today and we know them as the common legends of Big Foot, The Yeti, and many of the other names we’ve created for them over the years. When looking at Lloyd Pye’s research, it’s a very compelling presentation, I do have to say.

If you are interested in Lloyd Pye’s ideas and theories, I highly recommend that you watch the video found below. It’s two hours long, so if you don’t have time for it now just bookmark the post and come back, and I’m also going to add it in the theater section under our Found On Youtube submenu.

This video shows very compelling explanations and theories to human existence. When you are finished watching I’d really love to know what your thoughts are on the topic, so please go to our forums and tell us if you have another theory, or something you’d like to add to this, or if you disagree. Either way I’d love to know what you think.

Loyyd Pye’s book, Everything You Know Is Wrong is available through Amazon.

See how LLoyd Pye is building his case against Evolutionary Theorists and proving that we are from another planet.

Once again, thank you for reading and post in the forums to let us know about encounters or anything you wish to discuss.


~ William C. Raustler 


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