Constantino Murder-Suicide Leaves Paranormal Community Heartbroken

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RIP Mark and Debby Constantino 

For years now Mark and Debby Constantino have made appearances on shows like Ghost Adventures as audio and EVP specialists. They have made their way into the hearts of many paranormal investigators and have befriended radio show hosts, psychics, authors and people they’ve met at paranormal events or through investigations. On August 8th, 2015 Mark was arrested for kidnapping Debby and he tried to strangle her as well. On September 7th Debby had used social media sites like Twitter to announce to her friends, family and to the public that she had decided to file for a divorce and would continue to do conferences on her own. She even stated that she wished the best for Mark and didn’t say anything about him in a negative light. On September 15th she noted to her fans that she was sad to say that she had to find homes for her three pets that she had named after her good friends from Ghost Adventures.

On the morning of September 22nd, 2015 A woman arrived home to find that her male roommate had been murdered and that Debby Constantino, who had been staying with them, was also missing. She immediately contacted the Reno police to report what she had found. Authorities believed that the male roommate may have been trying to protect Debby from Mark and that it escalated into murder, and then Mark forced Debby from the home. During the murder investigation the authorities had pinged Debby’s phone and believed that she may have been taken to their oldest child’s home in Sparks. When the authorities arrived at the home in Sparks they found themselves in a standoff situation, and someone began shooting at them through the door. They found that Debby was inside and was being held hostage by her estranged husband. “Give me 15 minutes to gather my thoughts or I’ll kill her,” Constantino said to Deputy Chief Tom Robinson of Reno Police during negotiations. A few hours had passed while police officers worked alongside the FBI to try to defuse the situation. Unfortunately, by the time they decided to breach the door they entered to see the worst case scenario: both Mark and Debby Constantino were laying there dead in what the authorities filed as a murder-suicide case.

Within hours of the news friends and fans of Mark and Debby Constantino had left their heartbreaking thoughts and painful reactions across various social media sites, showing their respects and acknowledging the loss of two people who we are all sad to see leave this world. It’s hard to say what really caused Mark to spiral out of control and take their lives into his own hands but domestic disputes have become the number one reason for murder in America. Dealing with EVPs and spirits on a regular basis may at times leave certain people open for darkness to slip into their lives, but that may not be what has happened here. We only know of the Constantino couple by what we’ve seen on television or have read about. There are couples everywhere that have a hidden life behind closed doors. We may never know how long the abuse had lasted before Debby finally stood up for herself and left her abuser. I didn’t personally know either of them but my heart goes out to their family. There are people that I do speak to that knew them well, and was sadly affected by this tragic event.

It’s sad to say that in the world of paranormal investigators there are always going to be a few people that try to use tragic times such as these to gain their 15 minutes of fame. Steve Huff used this event to post that he believes that the dead can be most easily communicated with during the first 24 hours of their death and that he was going to try to communicate with Mark and Debby. Too soon? For most radio show hosts and loved ones they thought so. There were various irate posts about Steve’s claim. Someone also mentioned that they thought he was the one who said he spoke with Robin Williams the day of Robin’s suicide. I’m uncertain as to why he has this 24 hour theory or if it’s correct or not. If he is correct about it then maybe he’s onto something that others haven’t been trying to do out of respect for those who are still in shock and trying to cope with the bad news.

What if Steve’s correct, though? If you are more likely to communicate with spirits during the first 24 hours then sure, go ahead and try it, but it may be in poor taste to announce what you’re doing on social media for the attention of it. If it happens to work and he gets evidence then he should wait a short while until the tension and sadness calms down a bit, then provide the evidence when it’s not still an agonizing topic for those that knew the victims. A few investigators have stated that Steve Huff’s theory isn’t true because they have communicated clearly with spirits that have been dead for decades, and they were strong enough to get their point across.  But, is it possible that he might be onto something we haven’t been doing yet? Is it in poor taste and even disrespectful to the dead and the living to take their first 24 hours from them? He states that since the couple made a life out of audio and EVP sessions that they wouldn’t mind. Maybe he’s right. But we have the living to think about as well.

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