Déjà Vu


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Let’s talk about Deja Vu –

Sometimes we walk into a place and instantly feel overwhelmed. It feels like you’ve been there before, though you have never been there. It feels like you’ve heard the same exact sounds/conversations that are going on around you, maybe smelled the same smells and when looking around, you could swear that not only does it feel like you’ve been there before but also like you’ve lived that exact moment in your past somehow. This is often referred to as Deja Vu – but really, what is Deja Vu?

By definition, it’s simply a feeling of having already experienced the present situation.
• tedious familiarity

In French the words literally mean, “already seen” – but how can we explain this phenomenon? What creates Deja Vu?

Here are a few ideas of what Deja Vu might be:

1. Some people believe there are multiple universes in which other (multiple) versions of ourselves are living the same lives only minutes ahead or minutes behind one another – allowing us to sometimes feel or acknowledge experiences of our alternate selves, thus the feeling of already doing something that we haven’t done (but we have). As if we hold a spiritual or intuitive connection to the alternate versions of ourselves.

2. Others believe that we have lived this exact life before and that we will often come to a fork in the road in which we’ve been to before and Deja Vu might be a sign that you’re on the right path, or even a sign that you are to make new decisions in this life to guide you to a better path than the last time you were here. (not reincarnated, but the same body, same life, different time)

This is a strange explanation, however, what we know about existence is that one day the planets, the universe, and everything out there may implode, back into nothingness. Scientists believe that the implosion of everything will then react, causing a new Big Bang, rebooting life as we know it – If that can truly happen, then how do we know it reboots to a future existence instead of starting the old cycle over from scratch… allowing us to do it all over again? That’s a crazy stretch, but looking at the big picture, nothing can be left out. So if that could happen, has it happened before, and have we all actually been here and done this millions of times in the past? A recycled existence is a pretty deep concept.

This can also be connected to another idea – love at first sight – How many times have you met someone for the first time but it felt like you’ve known them forever? Well, maybe you have.

3. Another theory is within the idea of reincarnation. Many believe that we have lived several lives in the past. (Different bodies and lives, same soul) Maybe in one of our previous lives the person we used to be went into a bar every Tuesday night to meet their friends. Now 30 years later you walk into that very same bar for the first time in your newer life, but, whoa! It feels like you’ve been there dozens of times before. You are able to sense and remember the location from experiences that you held onto from your past life.

4. My personal favorite is the idea that you have been there before through astral projection while sleeping. This comes back to my fly on the wall orb idea, in which I believe that not all orbs are spirits from the dead, but many may even be people that have unknowingly slipped out of their bodies during sleep, and traveled. Sometimes you may travel in real time seeing things like a remote viewing. During those times you go to a location that you’ve never been to, but then later in your life when you are awake you might go to that location again. You feel the sense of knowing the location or feel as if you’ve been there before… because you have.

However, this doesn’t cover the idea of knowing and feeling like you’ve also heard conversations and have seen things in an order as if you’ve literally seen them all before in a vision – Well, who is to say that astral projection can’t be used for time travel?

Nostradamus use to meditate, slipping into the future and coming back with stories of what he had seen, as well as sounds and details about smells and other specifics. He was correct about a lot of his claims. Was he able to slip into a mindset to have an out of body experience that would take him into the future?

What humans don’t realize is that we all might have that same ability, we just haven’t evolved or learned to control it at will – so when we sleep, sometimes we just let go and our souls project (sometimes into our own future), allowing us to experience things that will happen to us before they actually do. Again, this can be used to show us things in our lives in which we have to make some kind of decision in order to set ourselves on a better path. We can become aware of our surroundings and situations when we have Deja Vu so we can find what can be adjusted to make our lives better.

It’s opportunity knocking.

Now, with those four things in mind – let’s say there may even be different kinds of Deja Vu and that all four theories have there time and place in our existence. Some might believe that none of these theories sound feasible. Either way, Deja Vu is very real and most people have experienced it at some point in their life. Some skeptics like to believe that people just dream up the idea and feelings of Deja Vu – but I have to say… is it possible?

What do you think Deja Vu is? Out of these four theories do you believe in one of them, or do you have another theory to add to the list? I’d love to pick your brains about it. Aside from any additional theories or opinions about Deja Vu, can you recall having it yourself? What were you doing and has it happened often? Tell us about your experiences.

Thanks again for being here, Beyond the Circle.

~ William C. Raustler


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