Distinct Voice Heard by Rescuers, Urges for Help

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On March 7th, 2015 several police officers and firefighters in Spanish Fork, Utah had arrived on the scene of a wrecked vehicle.  The driver, Jennifer Groesbeck, had slammed into a sloped cement barrier at the edge of a bridge and flipped into the Spanish Fork River. After further investigation they believed she had wrecked late that Friday night, possibly around 10:30 PM because according to a nearby resident he had heard something around that time, had gone out to look but didn’t notice anything because the car had actually gone off of the bridge and into the water. The police weren’t aware of the accident until after noon on Saturday when someone had seen the Dodge four-door passenger car upside-down and partially submerged in the bone-chilling waters.

When the rescuers arrived they didn’t know who was in the car and were trying to figure out how to turn the car back over when they all admittedly heard a “distinct female voice” calling for help.  “It was at that time we heard a distinct female voice from the car saying, ‘help me, help us,’ and that is when we said, ‘We’re trying to help you. We’re trying our best to get you out,’” said Officer Tyler Beddoes with the Spanish Fork Police Department. One of the officers (Warner) had a body camera and they have said that you can see the rescue team respond to the voice. Knowing there wasn’t time to wait on a truck to pull the car out, four officers rushed to flip the car over themselves to get it out of the water and when they did they noticed that Jennifer Groesbeck appeared as if she may have died on impact… 14 hours before they had arrived. In the back was an 18-month-old infant named Lily, still strapped into her car seat but she was unconscious. The temperature had been down to 45 degrees over the night which Lily had spent all alone, upside-down with the cold river running by just inches from her body.

“After the chaos, after everything was done, we were all talking to each other,” Beddoes said. “And yeah, we heard the same voice. We heard a voice, a distinct voice.”   

One officer said he had seen Lily’s eyes move and he took her out of the car as fast as possible and handed her over to a co-worker. Lily stayed at the hospital for a few days but she survived and is doing well after just a few days of care. The water was so cold that a few of the officers had to be treated for hypothermia and they were there for just a short period of time. 

“As far as what we did and what we heard, it’s hard to wrap our minds around it,” Beddoes said. “It was kind of eerie. I don’t know what it was. The mother couldn’t speak.”

Looking at the evidence here, one has to say that maybe little Lily wasn’t alone for 14 hours, but was being watched over by whatever entity that has given us this “distinct voice” to talk about. Some believe it may have been the spirit of the mother since she is believed to have died on impact, and others believe it may have been Lily’s guardian. Whatever it was, it was watching out for this little one, who is now safely in the arms of her family. Some would consider this event to have been a modern day miracle.


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~ William C. Raustler