Dream Journal: #102 (A New World Order)


I had a dream that my children were forced to go to school where the teachers worked for a new government system. The gov’t was setting the school agendas so everything was really weird,  a new world order. The kids were treated like programmable robots much like you’d imagine the Nazi party grooming their killers back in the late thirties, and when I questioned their motives a man asked me to leave. I refused and said that I wanted to know exactly what’s going on there so he tried to grab my wrist to force me out of my seat. When I pulled away he stumbled back a few steps then a few more men came into the room; they were smiling as if they didn’t want to startle the other parents, yet they were starting to be rough in their attempt to remove me.

I was recording it with my phone and told them if they touched me again I’d be forced to protect myself against them and that the video was streaming and uploading to a live server so everyone would know what they were up to. Then their focus was on my phone, a guy was trying to grab it. I said, “Even if you take the phone and smash it on the ground I still have the footage backed up.” Another man said “Not if we have anything to do with it.” I said “Sir, I know what I’m talking about I have a degree in Information Technology, another in Film and I happen to work for a telecommunications company where I help people recover their content every day.”

The suits laughed like they knew something I didn’t. One of them leaned in to grab me, he spoke so nobody else would hear him, “Thanks for telling us where to find you later.” I knocked him down and the other parents panicked; some tried to take their children and leave and some remained calm and obedient to the system. The ones trying to leave were instantly met by a suit or two and escorted to another room. I grabbed my daughters and as three or four of the suits stood around me with these strange batons in their hands, I was going to fight my way out but then the dream changed as I suddenly blacked out, I saw nothing but darkness for a moment.

Suddenly, I was in the hallway waiting for the kids to come out of the room. It was like I had been zapped or knocked out and came to and when I snapped out of it I was just standing there, confused. I looked back in the room where we were and all of the parents and kids were calmly back in their seats listening to these NWO educators as if nothing had ever happened. The room dismissed and the spokesman held the door open for people to leave. He looked at me as my kids came out and said, “Have a good day, Mr. Raustler.” — with a smile smeared across his gloating face. As we walked away I  stopped for a moment, as I looked back at him I could tell thst he realized I remembered the entire ordeal. He waived goodbye and shouted, “We’ll see you later.” He then turned away from me and began talking to someone on his phone.

As we walked through the halls, trying to leave the building, a few men started to follow us and were motioning for me to come back. They picked up their pace, trying to catch up to us without gaining the attention of the other people around. As we got closer to the front doors they began shoving their way through the crowded hallway and began shouting, “Hey you — stop there! We need to speak a moment.” I walked faster… The man shouted, ‘Sir! Sir, stop there.” I noticed one of them was carrying a baton in his hand like the ones I had seen before I blacked out. I gripped my kid’s hands and we ran faster, making it through the doorway.

As we left the building and were going down the steps outside a siren began to blare. On a loud speaker a voice gave our description and people’s phones buzzed like they do for Amber alerts… Everyone was looking at their phones and then staring back up at us as we made our way out to the parking lot. I looked over my shoulder as we ran and hundreds of people were running behind us, pouring out of the building, trying to catch us before we got away. I yelled at the girls, “Get in the car and put on your seatbelts!” As we backed out I began to plow through the people, some of them were screeching as they furiously approached, and a few bodies were knocked out of the way —  then I woke up.

This dream is surely about the fear of our government and the changes that may come in the future. Those who follow them will follow religiously and will be willing to do anything they say to fit the evil agenda of the new system.

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Until next time…


William C. Raustler