Dream Journal: #106 (First Dreams)



I was trying to remember the very first dreams that I can remember having. When I was five I had a bad fever and along with it, a series of nightmares. I remember one of the dreams being about crossing the road with my best friend, Mike, and a semi truck hit us. It cut to a large man with a beard nervously spraying our guts off of his truck and using towels to wipe it down with. He was crying and his hands shook. I could tell that he was trying not to let anyone know, and then I realized that he didn’t hit Mike and I, he actually hit another little boy who I didn’t know but it was like I was meant to know all of the emotions from the boy and the man as if it really happened to me. It felt real to me, and to this day I think it could have been a vision of a real hit and run.

Later that same night, I had a second dream. In the second dream I was older, maybe even older than what I am now. There was snow everywhere and people were living in tents and had built strange structures to survive the cold in with fires in them to stay warm. Me and two other guys were tied down and a line of women in the cold night stood to wait to see us. I didn’t know about sex back then because I was too young, but I did know that what we were doing had to do with creating life.

Now that I’m older and I think about the dream, it almost seems like they were desperately standing in line and the guys tied to cots (including me) were sperm doners. I get the feeling now that something may have happened that killed most of the men on the planet and they were keeping us against our will to get pregnant. I saw women that were in line, then I saw them with me in the tent, then it would later cut to them with huge bellies, then I’d see the line again. It was extremely odd for a five-year-old to have dreamed about that.

There were many other nightmares, but out of them all, these two stood out the most. Write me and tell me what dreams you remember having when you were little. What’s the first dream you can remember?

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William C. Raustler