El Chupacabra (goat sucker)


El Chupacabra (goat sucker)#Chupacabra

This cryptid creature is fairly new on the list of legends. The name comes from the reported acts of the creature drinking the blood of livestock, most commonly that of goats. In Spanish the name chupacabra means goat sucker. The first known documentation of these acts were in Puerto Rico in 1995 when a farmer found eight of his sheep slain, every one of them were completely drained of their blood. A few months later there were more than 150 farm animals reported to have been killed in the town of Canovanas exactly the same way.

Some say the creature is just another tall tale or a hoax, but the reality of the situation is that many farmers have documented accounts of their livestock being killed by some kind of vampire-like animal that sucks all of the blood out and leaves the body. It has been said that the creature has fangs and spines that line down its back all the way to its tail. Some witnesses have said it’s the size of a bear, while some say it’s smaller. A few people have even thought of the creature to be lizard-like, while others claim differently, leading investigators to believe it might be a dog.

A few scientists say they have the answer to what the real creature is, and have said that they think it could be a coyote or rabid dogs with the mange that stray onto farms for an easy kill. I would think that they would eat the entire animal instead of only sucking out the blood, though. What makes the case of the blood sucking attack even stranger is that on each victimized animal there are three puncture wounds instead of two – meaning it’s not just two large canine teeth slurping at the animals like a straw. There are also no known dogs of any kind that is of vampiric nature that would drain one animal dry then move onto another.

Many believe the events may be related to some type of vampire-like cult that may be killing livestock in sacrifice then in turn using the blood to drink or bathe in. In 1975 there were killings by a Satanic cult in a town called Moca, whom used a tool that left a circular incision on animals as they killed and drained them dry.

El Chupacabra (goat sucker)2Some have said that they thought the events could be of extraterestrial origin. This would explain the lizard-like spines down the back and the three pronged puncture wounds. Given the claims from abducted people, one of the various types of supposed alien species that are among us is believed to be of a lizard-like being. They would have to feed on something while they are here, unless they brought their own food with them. But why leave the bodies for people to find when they probably have the ability to abduct them for good, or furthermore, harvest cloned animals of their liking on their craft?

Then there are people whom believe the creature to be a demon of some type, feasting on the energies of the blood to gain power and to be capable of continuous manifestations.

I’m uncertain which of these hypothesis sounds the most feasible, but one thing is for certain… there have been many sightings and many drained animals in America and reported in other countries as well. If it was a cult, they had to of used the same exact tool in each case, and you’d think that someone would eventually stumble across the tool or catch them in the act. I guess until whatever is killing the animals is caught doing so, we’ll never know. Until then the legendary cryptid creature el chupacabra is a mystery, and that’s history.

Is it possible?

On a side note, what would happen if the Chupacabra (goat sucker) ran into the Goatman of Maryland?

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