Ghost Girl: The Ones That Follow (A Note)

Ghost girl


In recent years I have started to learn to be both a believer and a skeptic. As much of a believer that I am it’s hard at times to fall into the roll of the skeptic but I think that it’s a must in this day and age. With all of the ghost apps and pranksters out there trying to fool the believers into thinking that their fake photos are real it has become really damaging to the real evidence that is caught from time-to-time. Imagine a crime scene in which everyone in the neighborhood decides to enter and they all put their fingerprints throughout the house. Now that scene is tampered with and the real evidence is surrounded by crap. That so called crap now makes us question the real evidence as well. Pranksters have successfully accomplished this same scenario in the world of the paranormal. By littering the internet with false claims, it has made some believers afraid to show the real claims.

I guess in a way we should be thankful to those whom are trying to make fools out of us believers because it makes us think harder and work more towards having to clearly say that we think a photo or video and audio clip is real through a process of eliminating anything that might later debunk it. Even then, now that we have the power of Photoshop and other programs the skeptics can always say it’s fake, and it’s getting harder for us to prove it’s real even when it’s really real.

Sometimes it falls back on a gut feeling and it helps when there are witnesses that experienced the situation first hand, when there is more than one piece of evidence to the claim, or when something happens that not even the best of skeptics can come up with a sound solution to the occurrence. What I think I liked about the show Ghost Hunters when they first started their show all those years ago, was that it seemed to me as if they really tried to debunk as much as they could and then when they couldn’t debunk the claim they would classify the situation as unexplainable – and that my friends, is to say that there is a large possibility that what’s being experienced is real paranormal activity and not just some tavern or Inn trying to get more customers by saying their location is haunted.

While many viewers and readers on sites have become scared to comment due to being bashed by the skeptics it makes it seem as if ghosts and hauntings are popular to read about but unpopular to discuss without critical opinion and bias. I think that it’s interesting that that has happened not only on blogs, social networks and youtube as well when it seems as if ghosts and hauntings are more popular in the news now more than ever. In fact the photo attached to this entry was found via They had written an article about a woman named Anastassia Perets whom was looking through older photos her family had taken of her when she was a little girl. While thumbing through the photos she came across one which had another girl in the background, looking as if she’s opening a door and watching the people.

Anastassia’s family told her that the girl wasn’t really there when the photo was taken. Later when Anastassia’s curiosity got the best of her she decided to visit a psychic. Before anything was said about the photo the psychic told her that the spirit of a young girl was following her. I know this is possible because of my own personal experiences with the paranormal. The thing about writing for a paranormal website is that, we have to keep an open mind even when others might be quick to toss it out. They may have never believed in the paranormal, maybe they never had a paranormal experience or maybe they just don’t want to seem gullable. And as I mentioned before, there are tons of pranksters spreading fake claims around. No one wants to be a fool. To you skeptics, I agree with you about being skeptic, however, I also believe that once in a while something happens that not even the best of the best skeptics can explain – but no matter if you believe or not, it’s still fun and engaging. It’s still worth checking into in case we find that one set of fingerprints out of the thousands of nutty neighbors whom tampered with our crime scene.

I’m not saying this “ghost girl photo” is 100% the one. I wasn’t there when the photo was taken and I didn’t personally develop the film. I’m only the messenger and it’s for you to believe or not to believe. It’s up to you to openly say what you think and why. To share opinions and experiences that may allow others to understand why we might believe something is real or fake. I’m sure we can learn a lot from one another.

For this photo and for many others out there I say, Is it possible?

Let’s keep an open mind about it, while also making sure to debunk all the pranksters and the charlatans, not as a skeptic, but as fellow believers whom are tired of the fakes ruining the real evidence. You can become more active on our social media pages and if you have time for it, stop by and comment on an article or two on this website. I thank you all for being here, believers and non believers alike. If you have REAL evidence of the paranormal, send it to us if you wish. Feel free to share posts you see from other sites and social media pages as well. BTC isn’t about who has the largest fan base or the best evidence. We are in no way in competition with other sites or social media pages. I see it as an opportunity to share information with each other, while forming conclusions to the evidence through experience, opinions, professional interest and for the love of the paranormal.

In fact, I encourage other websites, social pages and paranormal investigators to share your finding here with us. If it’s evidence you’ve personally captured we’d love to interview you, maybe even via Skype or in person for our show I’m piecing together. Beyond the Circle is all about the stories, the lore, the claims of the paranormal true or fiction. We are working on a 2nd site (  that will be mainly about locations, travel, tours, investigators and working with them all to help them spread their news as well as helping them to find a platform for people who might need their assistance or that may wish to follow them and their claims. Ghost Advisors is going to take a lot of money so it’s slowly but surely coming together. Feel free to contribute to the Ghost Advisors project by donating (safely) via the Paypal button found at the bottom of the page.

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William C. Raustler