Ghostly Figure Photographed: Guardian of the Ill

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Mr. Bob Large was 76 when this photo was taken and was believed to have very little time to live due to a terminal illness he had been struggling with. His family was told to come and pay their last respects at the Countess of Chester Hospital, in Cheshire. His grandson, Chris Leadbetter, took a photograph while a vicar prayed. Later when Chris was scrolling through the photos he had taken he noticed the ghostly figure we see here in the background, watching over Bob. The photo startled Chris and he woke up his family to show them his findings. When he took the photo to the staff of the hospital they weren’t surprised, they had an endless amount of stories of the woman whom many believed they had seen at the foot of their beds or wondering around the hospital at times. Not too much longer after the photo was taken, Bob Large made a miraculous recovery and became healthy enough to be able to leave the hospital and continue his life.

When Chris and a nurse spoke to Bob about the photo, Bob described her before he ever looked at it. He believes that someone is looking over him and that it’s his guardian angel. He said, “The vicar always comes in and says prayers and then goes and I always feel much better. Every time I feel like there is a presence in the room. I’ve just got a feeling that whoever it is, is watching over me. This is the first time I’ve actually seen her but I’ve had the feeling she’s been there a while. It’s the strangest thing. I can’t explain it. I’ll be lying there feeling very ill. Then I’ll get the feeling of the presence. Then I’ll suddenly feel much better and I can sit up.”  

The Countess of Chester Hospital was known as the County Lunatic Asylum back in the 1800’s and had accepted patients of all kinds, including patients from the criminal justice system and local workhouses. Many people have passed away within the walls of the building and they have experienced ghostly figures and poltergeist activity there for over one hundred years now. There were rumors of a woman in black being noticed just before a death occurred as well as other activity. Bob’s guardian that watches over him is often seen in a white gown and instead of waiting on death she has a little more life to breath into those she watches over.


Is it possible?


~ William C. Raustler