“Gospel of Jesus’ Wife” Found?



Historian Karen L. King from Harvard Divinity School has been investigating what appears to be an old ancient manuscript that she has named the “Gospel of Jesus’ Wife.” The findings are believed to have been found in Egypt, where conditions have allowed many manuscripts to have survived throughout time. The message on the papyrus is so controversial due to a passage that reads, “Jesus said to them, “My wife…” which is stating that as many have suspected, he was married. Furthermore, there are also fragments which emerged in 2012 that says, “She will be able to be my disciple”. This causes an uproar with many churches whom debate whether women are allowed to be priests or not. The Vatican, like with many other things that have been found, have tried to say the manuscript is a fake. The manuscript has been analyzed by experts at Harvard University, Columbia University and at M.I.T. – all in which claim the findings to be real. If the document is real then it is the first of its kind, showing that Jesus was married and that he indeed found women equally worthy of being a disciple. I can see how the Vatican of all places would want to hide such information, they tend to hide almost everything, including alien-like skulls found under their library, which we’ll talk about another time.