Houses That Bleed

Homes that bleed? You may have heard stories of buildings or houses that have walls that ooze blood droplets or trails of redish orange bloody liquid pooling on the ceiling that are unable to be explained.
Case One: On September 8th, 1987 at 1114 Fountain Drive in Atlanta, Georgia – It was almost midnight when seventy-seven year old Minnie Winston stepped out of her shower and noticed blood spouting out of the bathroom tiles like a sprinkler. The blood was also seeping from the walls and had pooled together in several rooms throughout the house. After calling out for her seventy-nine year old husband William Winston, they noticed more blood pooling down the hallway, under their TV, and it was even in a crawl space.Frightened, Minnie notified the authorities. After an investigation the detectives ruled out any signs of a break-in. The blood that was found was Type O and the Winston’s blood types were both Type A so that ruled out the factor of the blood being theirs. The unsolved case is believed to have been paranormal activity. Sometimes houses are known to bleed when they have a demonic or evil entity present.

bled3Case Two: It was August 8th, 1989 at 593 west 11th street in San Pedro, California where Jackie Hernandez lived, in which a documented poltergeist attack was caught on tape. Dr. Barry Taff and cameraman Barry Conrad were called to investigate the home when they too found samples of human blood pooling and dripping from the ceiling and walls of the home. Jackie had experienced harsh conditions of an evil entity that made it known that she wasn’t welcome at the home.In the previous months to the investigation Jackie had seen apparitions of a dead old man, things in her house shuffled around on their own, and she heard voices. She had claimed to have seen heads flying towards her in the attic as well. Cameraman Barry Conrad, whom was skeptical of the horrific claims, decided to investigate in the attic after hearing some sounds. His camera was ripped from his hands and flung across the attic, the lens on one side of the room, the body of the camera laying face down in a box on the other side of the room.After taking a break the men went back into the attic to further investigate, when something wrapped a wire around Barry’s neck and lifted him onto a nail in the wall, trying to hang him. Shortly after the incident Jackie noticed a red mark on her baby’s forehead and everyone left the bleeding home, never to return.

The investigative photographer as he was attacked, being hung by a wire that tightly wrapped around his neck and pulled him up to a nail on the wall to attempt to hang him.
Have you ever heard of a bleeding house before? After watching documented footage of the Hernandez home, I can attest to seeing something like it before at a home in Lafollette, TN. My family had lived there for a short time. There was a lot of activity at the home and there were a few areas in which I noticed the same type of substance pooling on the walls. This particular home had an unfortunate history that included a murder/suicide.What do you think about bleeding houses? Any ideas or stories of your own? Investigators, feel free to be part of this conversation as well as everyone else!
(Originally posted on our Facebook page on July 11th, 2013)

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Until next time…
~ William C. Raustler