Imagine: A Cloned John Lennon



John Lennon’s tooth was auctioned off about three years ago to a Dr. Michael Zuk. If you believe it’s strange for a fan to pay $33,000 for a molar, wait until you get a load of what his intensions are! Dr. Zuk wants to try to use the tooth to clone John Lennon. In an interview Dr. Zuk said, “If there is enough DNA to sequence it, it could be basically genetic real estate. My goal is to own John Lennon’s DNA” He is willing to travel to any country that can make this happen and says that he’d keep the new John Lennon away from drugs and he’d be sure to lead the child towards a musical lifestyle, taking him to guitar lessons and such. He has laid out an entire plan that he believes would allow the test-tube baby to become a success.

How far should mankind be allowed to go when speaking of cloning another human? If the Dr. is able to see to it that he can indeed recreate a new John Lennon, what is to stop fans or other people from digging up, say Elvis from his burial grounds and yanking out a tooth to recreate him? Though Elvis does have a son that looks exactly like him, how strange would it be to create an entire town of cloned famous people from various time periods? And as a clone are you still considered human, or like Dr. Zuk has declared, would they be property of the people that paid for them to be created? Could someone own an entire town of famous people? I can see that as Hollywoods new attraction! I imagine that had science been up to par back in the early 1940’s Hitler would have created an entire army of blond haired, blue eyed men and women. There are many different opinions about cloning, what do you think about it?

Is it possible?


~ William C. Raustler