Is NASA Cutting ISS Live Feeds to Hide UFOs?


For a long time now conspiracy theorists have accused NASA of cutting live feeds, hiding when UFOs appear. Many people question why NASA would censor a public feed.  One such event happened on July 9th 2016, causing a Youtuber named Streetcap1’s video of the cut footage to go viral. The International Space Station’s feed cut out for nearly an hour, just as an unidntified objoct was being recorded.

Some believe this object could be a meteor or some kind of space debris; maybe even a spacecraft that the Chinese lost control of called Tiangong-1. They launched it in 2011 and expect that it could come crashing down. Considering the fact that many people have claimed the feeds are cut to cover up UFO activity, this viral video doesn’t help NASA prove otherwise.

In all fairness, if it was an alien spacecraft, they’d more than likely have the ability to cut the feed themselves and NASA would think they just lost the feed. With all of the theories and hype about Nibiru getting closer to us, who’s to say it’s not them flying ahead to make sure their path is safe? We exist with so many mysteries, and anything is possible. So what do you think? Could this be a cover up, or is everyone desperate for UFO news?

Watch the video here:


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William C. Raustler