James Webb Telescope to Launch in 2018

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The James Webb Telescope is the next step in exploration of planets and stars. The estimated launch date for the new $8 Billion infrared telescope is in 2018. It’s twice the size of the Hubble telescope and half the weight. It can see through dust clouds and will be able to hone in on planets that we believe may have life on them. In order to really get a great look into space the telescope has to be launched deeper into space than anything we’ve ever sent out there before.The Hubble Telescope  orbits Earth just 353 miles above altitude, while The James Webb Telescope will be boosted out over 930,000 miles from Earth to get a better look at things. To give you an idea of how far that is, the moon is around 239,000 miles from us. In fact, it’s going to be sent so far out that should the telescope take on a lot of damages like the Hubble has, no one will be able to go out to repair it. While that’s a downside to the $8 billion tax payer project, the fact is, to further educate ourselves there often has to be some kind of risk factor. If you’d like to watch the telescope being built in real time you can view the two cameras on their website: http://www.jwst.nasa.gov/

The question is, if they record imagery of alien creatures on planets that are much like Earth, will they actually tell us about it or will they hide it? With a telescope with this much power, we’d easily be able to see flying craft around a planet and creatures living on it as well. We live in interesting times.