Lichtenstein Castle and Fog Cave

The Lichtenstein Castle (seen in the fog) was destroyed twice in the 1300’s and unfortunately fell to ruins. In 1840, inspired by Wilhelm Hauff’s novel, Lichtenstein, Duke Wilhelm of Urach (The Count of Württemberg) hiredarchitect Carl Alexander Heideloff to bring the castle back to life. Today, the castle sits on a cliff overlooking the beautiful Echaz Valley, and is one of Germany’s most beautiful structures.

In 1986 businessman Reynier Fritz decided to build a replica of the castle in South Africa. It took 12 years to complete and Reynier turned it into a guest house before he died. The new castle includes stained glass windows, a natural waterfall, and a helipad. Though the castle was sold by Ftritz’s wife after he passed away, he may very well still be walking the halls, watching any guests.

Schloss Lichtenstein

Not too far from the original Lichtenstein Castle is a location known as Fog Cave, which is also written about in Wilhelm Hauff’s book.  In this photo, I am uncertain if the fog is making the ghostly effect of the people in the image, or if it is something else. See the people?



Photos courtesy of Wikipedia.


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