Locke and Key (IDW) Comic Book Review

What it is:

Locke and Key tells the story of 3 young siblings who move with their mother to their ancestral family home after the murder of their father. The kids quickly learn that their new home is a strange and mysterious place, especially upon the discovery of magic keys holding impossible powers. The kids aren’t the only ones who find these keys interesting, however. It turns out they’re also being sought after by a demon who intends to use them to open the gates of hell!

Why you should read it:

Well for starters, you’ve got pedigree. No, not the dog food. You may not have heard of author Joe Hill, writer/creator of Locke and Key, but I know you’ve heard of his dad, Stephen King. Yes, that Stephen King. So, you can safely assume the chops for horror and supernatural story telling are there.

Joe Hill shouldn’t only be regarded as the son of Stephen frickin’ King though. He’s a talented writer in his own right, and the proof is in the well-crafted story within the pages of Locke and Key.

I don’t want to use examples as they often take the form of spoilers, but let’s just say whatever happens in the book happens for a reason, and that sense of divinity really ups the ante on the fright level of this book.This is a great book for horror fans, but it’s also a great book for fans of good things to read.

Where to start?

Locke and Key is broken up into 6 issue miniseries, with 2 of these miniseries serving as an act of the story. You can buy each act as a “volume”. Check your local comic shop, book retailer or amazon.



Well folks, there’s a nice trio to get you started in your first foray into comic book reading. For those of you already reading comics on a regular basis that aren’t reading these books, what’s wrong with you? Go read them. Keep reading the stuff on this site too. I’ll be back with more recommendations, reviews, and maybe even a few comics of my own (which I can then recommend and review!).

I hope you enjoy these books as much as I do. If not, there’s always Howard the Duck!

Matt Cadrette

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