Mount Vesuvius Destroys Pompeii

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August 24th, year 79 marks the date in which the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in southern Italy killed thousands and is well known for the devastation of Pompeii. The ash molds of people remain fully preserved to this day. As the volcanic eruption exploded into the sky, more than 2000 people stayed in the city with the hope that they could wait out the event by hiding in stone structures, believing that they’d be somewhat safe. As the volcano erupted a 10 mile high mushroom cloud of ash began to fall upon the city, burning it to the ground and suffocating most of them. The event happened so fast that those whom had sought safety in cellars and structures were sealed to the land forever. People still say they can sometimes hear weeping and screams as if they can hear the those who’ve fallen victim to mother nature so long ago.