My Sleeping Vision

I might be a little off about my interpretation – but if not, this was a weird dream. I had a dream the other night that I was on the phone with an important call and someone was trying to tell me something – then my wife fell into the tub and I had to go help her – then somehow my toe was cut off at the tip but I wasn’t bleeding and I was fine – then as I was waking up I was given a word that was spelled wrong but when pronounced it said Blame Andreas — meaning – it was Andreas Fault.

So here is my interpretation — The call of something important meant for me to pay attention … someone you love falling into a bathtub such as a spouse means that something you are use to might drastically change (not in your relationship but in your life in general, the spouse is only a symbol of the norm here)

The fall was symbolic for something we know and care about falling into water. In the dream I did worry about the fall so I ran to help – This part could be that I generally was afraid she was hurt – Something happened and part of my toe was chopped off – in a dream this often means “cut it out”, or “toe the line”… but when combined in dreams it means to” CUT ON THE DOTTED LINE” – I had the feeling that everything was OK and that by observing my toe, it was better than before somehow but the healing took time. Everyone else was in a state of panic over my toe, yet I was calm about it and reassured people that everything would be OK– then suddenly the room shook as if I were in an earthquake and I was given the words BLAME ANDREAS — only it was spelled oddly but when I said the words out loud in the dream that’s what it said. I believe it meant that it’s the Andreas Fault.

Now, had I had this dream without the last part being on there, I would have thought that it was telling me I was going to be separated from my wife and that everything would end up being OK – it could be that simple of a dream – however, the dream made sure to call for extreme emphasis on the idea that it is about BLAME ANDREAS – and even when the words appeared things shook drastically in the dream as if I was in an Earthquake, and everything was unstable.So in short it said unto me, “Listen closely, something is going happen that will change how things are now with something you care about. You will help to assure people that it will be alright, but there will be a fall into water, a cut or break away along the dotted lines of the Andreas Fault.”

I’ve had dreams like this before, only not about such large events, it was more personal and even glimpses of my future. Little things that would be shown to me, like being frustrated at a desk job with something typed on the screen – and then I would forget about the vision until it actually happened and I was in the situation I had dreamt about – much like a feeling of Deja Vu, only you remembered the dream happening that showed it to you instead of feeling like you literally lived the moment before.

Take it with a grain of salt, I’m not some future telling guru. I’m just a guy with a dream. But hey, some things are more than symbolic for our dear little nerves and subconscious to eat us alive inspired by our true feelings of life.  I honestly believe that the so called universe throws us a bone from time-to-time, lending us a view of information that pertains to our personal destiny.

That’s all.

~William C. Raustler