Mysterious Cairn Found Beneath Sea of Galilee

What is believed to be a mysterious, giant cairn (a mound of rough stones built as a memorial or landmark, typically on a hilltop or skyline. • a prehistoric burial mound made of stones.) has been found beneath the waters of the Sea of Galilee in Israel. The large mass is supposedly twice the size in diameter as landmarks such as Stonehenge, and is believed to weigh over 60,000 tons and made of “unhewn basalt cobbles and boulders.”


Experts say that the structure may be more than 4000 years old. “The more logical possibility is that it belongs to the third millennium B.C., because there are other megalithic phenomena [from that time] that are found close by,” says Yitzhak Paz, of the Israel Antiquities Authority and Ben-Gurion University.

A Submerged Monumental Structure in the Sea of Galilee, IsraelThey also found that it is located about 1600 feet (500 meters) off the southwest coast of the sea. Several prehistoric sites are located nearby, such as the ancient city of Bet Yerah, which thrived more than 4,000 years ago.

Bet Yerah was a very advanced “fortified city” during that time, with a population of more than 5000 people on over 74 acres of land. Some believe that the cairn (if indeed, it is a cairn) may have been manmade before it was under water, though many will quickly disagree to that statement since many of the stones were smooth and too large, much like some of the unexplained stone working phenomena of the pyramids.

Thumbing through the internet I have already seen comments of people’s raised suspicions about the structure being yet another landmark that might be seen from the sky, or maybe something important isn’t just buried but maybe even hidden beneath the massive pile of ancient boulders. Needless to say there are many people whom would love to know what’s under the rocks, myself included.

Others suggest that the pile may have been an attempt to create a manmade island, a monument, a lighthouse, or maybe even put in place to hide a spacecraft that may have once crashed and was never repaired. That would explain why the city of Bet Yerah was so advanced during its time, with paved roads and a very organized community. However, that’s leaning to the extreme and obvious solution, which many U.F.O. lovers would love to see unveiled. Who knows, had it been built to make yet another landmark that could be seen from the sky, like a placeholder on a large map when seen from space, then we are still talking about Ancient Aliens, aren’t we? There is no telling what this new find might reveal.

enochIf you are a believer in the Bible, there is a missing book called The Book of Enoch, it describes that the leader of the fallen angels was buried under tons of boulders so that he would never see the light of day again. (DL the book of Enoch as a PDF file for free!)

If you haven’t read the book of Enoch, I highly recommend it as great reading material, which explains much about aliens and fallen angels, as well as stories about them breeding with humans and creating giants. The book was meant to be in the Bible, but some of your churchgoing ancestors thought it would be in the best interest of “The Church” to keep it from you.

Before we jump too far into the sky, let’s at least admit that if this mysterious newfound structure isn’t alien influenced,   it’s still one hell of an intriguing find.

~ William C. Raustler