Napoleon’s Little Red Man

May 5th of 1821, Napoleon Bonaparte died at age 51. What some people may not know is that he was a firm believer in the paranormal for various reasons. He was a believer in prophecies and thought that his fate was noted in a book that was written more than 260 years before his rise to power.

The book, Livres de Prophetics, written by Philippe-Dieu-donne-Noel Olivarius, has proven to have prophecies that marked his fate with precision. The book noted in great detail where the man it spoke of would be born, that he’d adopt the language of a new land (French), that he’d rise to power and become a leader at an early age, and mentioned various great things he would do for his nation.

This book was so detailed that it mentioned facts of war such as where the 55th parallel of latitude intersects with the 55th meridian he will have a battle and his enemies would burn the town. It turns out that during his invasion of Russia, the Russians burnt Moscow to the ground to keep Napoleon from having it. The book talks about him being defeated by a European triple alliance and banished, forcing him to give up his throne, all which happened, exactly as the book written 262 years before the events took place said they would. It would appear as if these prophecies were dead on.

It gets better!

In the memoirs kept by Napoleon, he mentions several times seeing and speaking with a ghost that would appear to him as “the little red man” Supposedly, this “entity” appeared to a great variety of notable personalities… for over 260 years. Could it be that this entity could be tied to the writer’s ability of gaining knowledge of Napoleon’s future?

The first notable person to have seen the little red man was Catherine de Medici. She described him as a gnome-like creature dressed in scarlet. The little red man appeared to Henry IV just before the monarch was assassinated by an insane schoolteacher in 1610. In 1793 guards claimed to have seen the little red ghost in the prison where Louis and Marie Antoinette awaited their turn at the chopping block.

The mysterious ghostly adviser told the military genius that he had been at his side since he was but a schoolboy. “I know you better than you know yourself,” The apparition materialized and then made a deal with Napoleon that he’d win on the battlefield for ten years, and a contract was agreed upon.

Deaths comes to all of us, including those of great power. On this very day, May 5, 1821, Napoleon’s physician, Dr. Arnott, recalled what his patient had told him just a few weeks earlier: “Our hour is marked, and no one can claim a moment of life beyond what fate has predestined.”