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Feel free to look around, most of what you are looking for will be found in both the submenu tabs of the Theater menu and on the right side of all Theater based pages. You can find old films in the Films tab. Our web shows are all in pre production but the pilot for The Grinder will be available to view ASAP. We are always finding cool things that you may or may not have seen on Youtube and from other locations on the net, including user submitted footage, so be sure to look around.

The government will tell you there is nothing out there, but they spend more and more money investigating the paranormal and UFO claims each year. The most famous cover ups are locations like Area 51 – but there is so much the public has never heard of because of government controlled media, and so much undeniable proof that is being hidden that even the skeptics have to admit, there’s a lot more than meets the eye.

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The site officially launches this coming week, but things are constantly going to be added and new portions of the site will be unlocked one after another. To help support the site, don’t just visit, sign in and say something on the forums. Help us build our paranormal community.

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Please contact us to submit footage. If you own the rights to a film that you’d like to have placed in our Film section, we can do that too!





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