About the project: 

Beyond the Circle is working on a sister site that will act as a trip advisor for ghost enthusiasts. Though, it will have haunted location listings in the searchable database it won’t be anything like this website. Its main purpose will be to help connect paranormal enthusiast with accurate information about ghost tours, events, haunted locations and also allow them access to a listing of paranormal investigators that can be found throughout the United States. Each listing of every category will have as much contact information as possible including addresses and names of owner for haunted locations.  We will also eventually add a rating system so fans can rank their stay at hotels, tours or events they have visited and they can also leave a review about any paranormal investigation teams they may have hired.  A forum will be setup that will allow users to ask questions to investigators and other users and talk about any encounters they may have experienced while taking tours or traveling to haunted locations.

We will have free listings for tour locations and investigation groups, but will also offer a premium service for an extremely low cost in which we can give them a full one sheet URL link (profile page) of their own where they can post to the subscribers about special deals or coupons they may offer. We have so much planned for the site, but we are taking it one step at a time and just intend to build onto it as we go.

This project is a hefty one. The current layout of the site will be changed soon and we are also developing a free app to make searching easily available to the public.  I personally believe that once the site is complete, it won’t take long for every paranormal investigator, tour location, or fan of the paranormal to begin seeing the advantage of the site, being able to use it as a tool for various reasons.

The hardest part about creating this site for us is the time spent logging content and doing research or the time it will take to write short descriptions for the locations. We also intend to contact the locations or paranormal teams we find to educate them of our purpose and to assure they are still around — we’d love to be able to hire some part time help to get the job done faster but it’s not in our current budget – anyone willing to make donations via our PAYPAL donation button would be greatly appreciated and you’d be assisting many paranormal enthusiasts in finding everything they will need for a perfect paranormal getaway. Furthermore, with the ability to network and connect with all of the experienced paranormal investigators and tour guides or historians, the site can quickly become an impressive learning tool for those that wish to know more about the paranormal and proper methods of using instruments or tactics that may best work for others. Right now, I’m doing most of the work myself, but if it was in our budget I’d hire a 2nd company to assist me in completing the code and tasks needed for the site to officially be launch able.  Investors are welcome to contact me. This could grow into something really worth our time and I’m extremely excited about the project.

Once everyone else sees the potential of the site, I feel they will be really excited as well – it will surely be added to many peoples favorites, and the app — they will fall in love with it.


~ William C. Raustler