The Grinder (talk show)


The Grinder 

We created the original pilot of The Grinder at the Full Sail University High Def Studio in 2006,  but we believe it was a great idea that once retooled, will be an interesting show for horror and sci-fi enthusiasts everywhere. Since the original show is a bit outdated by nearly seven years, we will begin casting for a new pilot soon. The format will change a great deal since we are creating it from concept to completion, taking into consideration various ways of making it a better show. The newer, revamped version, isn’t going to be just a horror themed show anymore, but more like Beyond the Circle. We will cover strange news, reviews, and hopefully have many guests that are in the artistic fields of film creation, writing, game design, and other arts of all types. We also intend to interview paranormal investigators or people that may have witnessed the paranormal, supernatural, or maybe they are an expert on some type of mysterious topic like ancient aliens or the Nephilum.

The show, like the BTC Magazine, will be FREE for all to view. We will be posting it on Youtube and our own websites, however, we will actively seek to have it picked up for television if possible, which is why we need to make a kick-ass pilot.

If anyone wishes to send donations in to assist us in the creation of our web shows or if you’d like to help us get the magazine started, you can use the donate button in the sidebar. If your donation is a sizable amount, we may consider adding you to the credits as an Associate Producer.


Thank you for reading this and we hope to raise the funds soon so we can get the ball rolling and bring many unexplainable topics to the screen.