BTC Wallpaper/Design & Quick Note

Dear readers, this is just a quick design I created myself. Most of our FB people have seen it already but if you are fans of the site, feel free to save the design and add it as a desktop picture or put it on your phone or something if you wish.  It’s not exactly wallpaper size, but if you center it with a black background like I did, it looks nice too.  We might make a few shirts with this design after I clean it up a bit more, maybe some playing cards or something. I am talking to several real artists that will come together and assist me in designing real designs for shirts, wallpapers, stickers and more. They will all have a BTC logo on them, however, the actual designs will be more about the paranormal, mysterious events and such. I think once we get the team working on several ideas with multiple styles of art, there is bound to be something you will all love. As always, sign up to the site for free and have a great weekend!

Leave a reply at the bottom to tell us which one you like better, with or without the hand. Also, if you are a designer (which obviously I am not) –  and wish to get n on the BTC shirt action, contact us via the contact form or via email at — we are offering a royalty percentage deal for any designs you might create that we choose to use.

With the hand. – 



Without the hand. 



~ William C. Raustler