Rodney Alcala: The Dating Game Killer

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Rodney Alcala – Born August 23, 1943 (72 yrs old) 

In 1978 serial killer and rapist, Rodney Alcala was a contestant on The Dating Game, and he won. He had already been killing for several years by then and hid it very well, even gaining applause from the gameshow audience with his perverted banter. As you will hear in the video when they mention his hobbies, one of them is photography. It’s said that when he was arrested that the police found over 1000 photos of women and young boys that they were worried may contain additional victims. Due to the sexual content they could only release 110 of those photos to the public to see if any of them matched missing persons and were trying to get people that might know the subjects to call in to say that they are alive so they can be removed from the pile. Nobody was ever matched up with any missing persons cases and to this day they aren’t sure if the people in the 110 photos are victims or just people he had pose for him. The police fear that he could have been responsible for up to 130 murders, but only about 8 were proven.

Alcala’s first victim that the police are aware of was an 8-year-old girl whom he lured into his apartment and raped and had beaten with a steel bar. She wasn’t murdered but she was the first of many to meet such a fate. Alcala ran from the cops and moved to NY under the alias of John Burger. Where it all gets even stranger is that for a short period of time he studied film at NYU under the famous film director and child molester, Roman Polanski. Roman is also well known for dating Sharon Tate, whom was one of the victims murdered by the Manson Family. It seems as if Roman has had more than his share of contact with evil.

In 1971 Alcala took his desires even further, strangling and raping an airline stewardess named Ellen Jane Hover, posing her before he left her for the cops to find. Later that Summer two school girls noticed an FBI photo of Alcala and turned him in. He was shipped back to California for the rape charges on the 8-year-old girl, however, by then the girl’s family had packed up and moved to Mexico and refused to come back for the trial so Alcala was released. Over the next eight years or so, it’s unknown how many victims he really had. When he was finally caught California was able to give him the death penalty, but due to several loop holes in the law they couldn’t give him the death penalty until around 2003 when forensics and new evidence allowed them to build a case that would stick. He’s still awaiting death, but will probably die of old age.

The fact that he won on the gameshow shows how well he was able to play it off and pretend like he fit in, and it’s just bizarre that any serial killer would take time off of his busy killing spree to make himself known to the public on a dating game. Oh and, I guess the bad guys usually do get the girl.

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