Ryan Buell Arrested, Facing Felony Charges



Ryan Daniel Buell has been arrested in Flourence, South Carolina and is waiting to be expedited back to Pennsylvania where he is to face felony charges. Buell is being accused of accepting stolen property, the theft of leased property and for theft of services. Buell started the Paranormal Research Society at age 19 while attending Penn State University. His paranormal team was lucky enough to land a television series with A&E called Paranormal State.

Being the lead investigator, Buell was the show’s host and he became a celebrity almost overnight. Since then he’s written books and toured the country charging fans for appearances. As of lately, many fans have been complaining that Buell failed to show up to some of the paranormal workshops and celebrity ghost haunting events, and they are upset because they were never given a refund, either.

Rumors  are floating around, many people online are talking about Buell having a drug addiction, and many wonder if he has been faking his illness. Experiencing the paranormal myself, I have to also wonder if maybe during one of the many investigations that Buell and his team were a part of, whether or not something dark may have attached itself to him. Demons are not always like the hyped up drama you see in films, and they often love to kick you while you’re down. Many addicts refer to the burdon of addiction as “the monkey on their back” but who’s to say that in this case, something hasn’t really attached itself to Buell, leading him down the dark path of poor choices and misery.

I actually believe that encounters of malign spirits may have been the cause of some of my failed relationships, causing arguements or negative feelings when there wasn’t a reason for it. This is what they do. I’m not making excuses for humans, as we all have to answer for our actions, but I am admitting that as humans, at times a darker power tempts us to reach into the flames. It isn’t until we get burned that we realize we traveled down a path of mistakes and poor decisions.

The media is covering this story as if Buell is the most horrible person ever. It’s a witch hunt, ready to burn the paranormal investigator at the stake. Giving Buell the benefit of the doubt here, I’d like to point out that in our country, people are innocent until proven guilty. If he did the crime I’m sure he’ll deserve the time, but if not then I hope he finds a way out. Either way, I hope Buell find his way back into the light.

Shelly Bonavita Lundberg, Buell’s mother, posted an open letter on Facebook to all of Ryan’s fans:

image“OPEN LETTER TO FANS – My plea to you is long overdue. Please forgive me as first and foremost, I am a MOTHER. We all want the best for our children and can be guilty of closing our eyes to the obvious. But we do it with the best of intentions and have a hard time believing what our children can be capable of. I too, took the road of non-belief for years. I am pleading with you in a last-ditch effort to help my son. With this being a public forum, you must understand that there is only so much I can put in writing. But I will say this – the ONLY people who TRULY know his situation and whom you should trust in this is his blood FAMILY. Not those who are in cahoots, nor profess their PRS love, or “business” partners. We want nothing from Ryan except HIM – to enjoy and love as our son, brother, nephew, cousin, grandson, etc. So, as his Mother, I beg you all – if you are a TRUE fan – PLEASE stop enabling his situation by sending money, buying tickets to events that may never occur, buying merchandise/phone calls you may never get, paying money to watch him on Twitch, and giving him offers of shelter. If you TRULY want to help him…you TRULY have his BEST interests at heart, THIS is how you help. I know that some of you will choose to not believe me, believe that I’m doing this to hurt Ryan, or bash me but as a Mother, I am pleading with you out of LOVE for my son and I’m frightened by what his situation has become. We, as his family truly want our son, brother, nephew, cousin, grandson,etc to get well and come back to us – we haven’t had the TRUE Ryan in years. So PLEASE….help him get well with prayers…..words of encouragement….and pleas for him to get the help he needs. Nothing more. Working together, maybe we can get this to work. Thank you all for taking the time to read this and GOD BLESS YOU – THE PRS CREW KEEPS DELETING THIS POST – THIS IS HOW MUCH THEY TRULY “CARE” ABOUT RYAN – ALL ABOUT $$$ TO THEM. PLEASE READ AND PASS ALONG TO EVERYONE IN THE PARANORMAL COMMUNITY!!’


It’s unknow if Buell is close to his parents or not, or if his mother fully understands his situation. If you have something to add to this topic, leave a message below or write us at beyondthecircle.info@gmail.com

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William C. Raustler