Saga Comic Book Review

What it is:

A sci-fi space opera about new parents, from two different species of warring aliens, trying to carve a life for themselves and their newborn daughter in a world that doesn’t believe they should exist. This book is the first ongoing monthly to come from prolific comic scribe Brian K Vaughan (Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina, The Runaways) in quite some time, and boy was it overdue. When you combine BKV’s expert story telling with the gorgeous artwork of Fiona Staples, you’re all but guaranteed to have a winner on your hands.

Why you should read it:

Saga is an epic space opera that’s Star Warsian in depth and Un-Lucasian  in execution. Vaughan and Staples have created an entire universe of alien races, sprawling empires, lush ecosystems, and robotic monarchies so rich that you feel as though you’ve lived in this universe your whole life.

It’s a Shakespearean star-crossed love story that beautifully walks a line of showcasing the experiences of first time parents trying to figure out their new lot in life, and trying to navigate this vast world of space ships, warring planets, and dense characters, most of whom are out to get them.

This book follows BKV’s track record of well thought out, well crafted story telling, but takes the training wheels that come with being land locked to one species, or planet, off. This is Brian K Vaughan at his best, and thanks to the artwork of Ms. Staples, best looking too. It’s also something great for any first time parent to relate to. Despite it’s action-packed, intergalactic setting, the core of the story is really about a young married couple trying to figure out how to successfully raise their kid in a terrifying world they don’t quite understand. It also opens the very first panel of the very first issue with robot sex. That’s reason enough to go out and buy the first volume, right

Where to start?

The book is a mere 9 issues in, with no signs of stopping. I recommend picking up the first volume (issues 1-6 packaged together in the form of one trade paperback) and then snapping up the rest of the issues individually, starting with issue 7 if you like what you’ve read (and you will). Volume 1 should be available at your local comic retailer, bookstore chain, or on amazon