Scissors, Wooden Man and Clairvoyant’s Necklace

These are a few haunted “things”













The haunted scissors:

Rumor has it that these old scissors hold negative energy from wounded soldiers whom had their limbs amputated and then tossed out of a window to dispose of. The scissors may have been used on many soldiers from long ago, before we were able to save limbs and save the lives of our fallen brethren.

Wood Carving

An erie and sad looking wooden carving: 

This wooden sculpture was said to have been created by an older gentleman whom carved it back in the 1800’s. His belongings were left behind in the attic of an old house, and a couple cleaning the attic found it packed away. The latest owner of the said item once put it on display but then encountered issues of paranormal activity occurring in her house. The lights would flicker on, the TV would control itself and people would often have the feeling of sudden discomfort and anxiety around the item. Needless to say, it ended up being packed away again and was put on Ebay at one time or another for sale. For now, it has probably found its way back into another box and tucked away in another attic.

Claitvoyant's Necklace

A deceased clairvoyant’s necklace: 

This necklace belonged to a clairvoyant whom has passed away now. Rumor has it, when she bought the item at an auction she felt that it held the energy of someone from the 13th century and it may now hold her energy as well.