Shadow People


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Shadow people seem to be reported everywhere. They are just as common as a regular transparent apparition, an orb, a rod etc. Have you ever felt like something was watching you and then from the corner of your eye it seemed as if something dark darted by? I have. What about a quick shadow that seems to crawl across the wall, just brushing by? Yup, I’ve seen that one a few times as well. In fact recently I have seen full human silhouette forms peeking around the corner of a wall at me. I have had several encounters with this type of spirit, if that’s what it is, some were good and some were bad.

There are different theories as to what a shadow person really is; what do you think they are?

One time I had seen a dark figure bolting across the room when I came home. When I first came in the lights were off and I thought I had seen it dash away. I turned on the lights and nothing was there. I still felt like something was lurking around, watching me. I ignored it like I always have and went to bed. That night I had a reoccurring dream that was more like a vision. In this dream someone came through the back door and into my room, slamming a spike into the back of my head and then was dragging me down the hallway towards the bathroom. I could feel him pulling me across the carpet and the spike shuffling around inside my head as he pulled me around with it.

In the dream, which seemed more than real, I was soaked in blood, gasping, I could hear and feel the blood oozing in my head as I was trying to reach his hands to make him let go with no avail. Then I woke up and heard something at the back door. I laid there for a moment, listening, staying still, being as silent as I possibly could in hope that he wouldn’t know I was in my room. I didn’t hear anything and the second I thought about getting up, Wham! I felt the old rusted object crushing through my skull as he slammed the spike into the back of my head again, dragging my helpless body down the hall. I woke up at least four times having a dream within a dream type of scenario. Each time the same exact thing happened but in each event we got just a little closer to the bathroom before I snapped out of it.

I felt like I was in the movie “Groundhog’s Day” only in one of the most horrific recycled dreams you could imagine. Finally, I woke up for real and for a second I thought I had seen the shadow pass by the room, then I heard the back door open. I got up and grabbed a hammer from a nearby box – I stood quietly in the dark by the door so when he came in I could have a fighting chance. I heard heavy footsteps coming down the hallway as my heart began to race and I was filled with adrenaline. I heard someone’s body brushing against the wall as they slowly walked closer to my doorway, and then luckily I heard a voice.. it was my roommate and his friend that had come home. They were trying to make their way down the hall to the living room without waking me up (this was around 2AM)

Had he not spoken, I probably would have rocked his head with the hammer. I was convinced that my dreams were revealing my future, but now I think it may have been telling me about someone’s past. This isn’t the only time I felt like something has shown me visions in my sleep, but by far it was one of the most realistic horrors of my life.

We lived across from an old graveyard in the middle of nowhere, and I always had the feeling that the house we lived in may have been built on some burial grounds as well. That wasn’t the only unpleasant experience that I had during the short time we lived there.


~ William C. Raustler


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