Story Press: Dead Fiction, by William C. Raustler

Story Press Axe ImageReal photo – fake story

Thomas Randolf Vilinski was a body snatcher from Orndark, Mississippi. On July 12th, 1983 Monica Dee Givens was picked up by the Orndark police when officer Dan Bryant had seen her running naked through a neighborhood. Officer Bryant noted that Monica was covered in blood from head to toe when he first pulled up next to her and that she was unable to complete a full sentence due to obviously being in shock. —

When she was able to speak well enough for him to understand her, he couldn’t believe what she had to tell him. — A few nights earlier Monica and two other girls Cynthia Leann Harris and Susan Maria Bellford were leaving the Orndark Skating Center when a man (Vilinski) came up behind them with a gun as they stood by their car, seconds later a van pulled up and they were forced to get in. Vilinski was the manager at the Lucky 8 Motel off of Highway 238 West and he told the 2nd man (Unnamed) to pull around to the back of the motel and then to stop at the last room on the right . — They forced the girls into the room saying that they only wanted to have a little fun and just wanted their company and nothing more. Afraid they’d be shot or worse, the girls listened to them and went inside without any struggle.

Once they were inside, at gun point, the men injected something into the girls one by one using the same needle on themselves as well, and then began taking advantage of them while keeping them all drugged. After a day went by they began to assault the girls and became much rougher.

When Cynthia Harris tried to finally fight back in an attempt to escape Vilinski pulled a hammer from a nearby tool-belt and repeatedly smacked her across the face with it until she no longer moved. He then asked the 2nd man to help him and they drug the lifeless body into a closet and closed the door so she’d be out of everyone’s sight. The larger man made several jokes about it and continued as if nothing had happened. The men had joked about killing them as well, saying they wanted to eat their flesh. —

After a few very long days had passed Vilinski had gone to work in the front office for a while leaving the two girls tied to the foot of one of the beds while the larger man slept. Monica witnessed a dark mist that crawled from beneath the closet door in which her friend’s corpse was in. It traveled over to the bed and into the larger man’s mouth as he snored. He gasped for air then sat up. His eyes opened and he began leaking blood droplets from his pupils. He instantly began to rub his eyes then stood up appearing confused. As he stumbled into the bathroom to rinse his eyes out, Vilinski came through the front door.

Vilinski was eager to kick off his work boots and then he took off his clothes, dressing down into his underwear to get more comfortable. He tried to talk to the larger man but he got no response. He took a needle out of a drawer, cooked up a dose then leaned down as he jabbed the needle into Susan’s arm and pushed down on the plunger then he laid back on the bed and injected the rest into himself. — He had turned on the TV and the news reporter was talking about launching a state wide search for the three missing girls.

The man in the bathroom suddenly sounded franticly enraged then crashing sounds came from the bathroom as if he was tearing it apart. He began screaming unintelligibly. He slammed the bathroom door open, dropped to his knees then began crawling on the floor while breathing heavily with an occasional grunting noise being added every so often. Vilinski, on his bed, was babbling lowly in his high state of mind as he looked around the room with an awkward grin. The larger man crawled and twisted around the room for a few moments and then made his way over to the closet where the dead girl was being stored. He reached over the body and into the back corner of the closet, pulling out an axe and then he stood up in the center of the room, not moving at all. Monica mentioned that “his heavy breathing suddenly stopped and it was as if for a moment he wasn’t making any sounds or breathing at all – he was just starring at a fixed spot on the wall that had nothing on it.”

The man rapidly turned with the axe, cocked back with the look of hate in his blood filled eyes and as his arm came down he released a scream that is only comparable to that of a child having night terrors. in which he repeatedly cracked down on the neck and shoulders of Susan’s helpless body until her head rolled onto the carpet. Every motion slinging and spraying Susan’s blood across Monica’s face, clothes, and hair. Monica screamed out in fear as her mouth became filled with the taste of her dead friend’s blood. The entire time Vilinski laughed hysterically at the man as if even he couldn’t believe what he had just seen. Then without hesitation the man turned and slammed the axe deep into Vilinski’s skull. He then pulled a large blade from his coat and rammed it deep into Vilinski’s stomach, leaving his twitching body spewing pools of blood down his side and all over the mattress and floor.

Monica had told the officer that she only remembered screaming a lot thinking that she was next but then the large man left the room not giving her a 2nd glance. It was almost as if she wasn’t even in the room to him as he stormed away.

As Monica struggled with the rope and wires that were holding her tightly to both the bed frame and to her best friend, Susan’s headless body, she could hear someone screaming for their life a few doors down. When she had somehow became loose enough to stand up for the first time in days, she slipped out the door limping as fast as she could to flee the location. Running through the parking lot she could see the crazed man on top of an elderly lady, striking her with a piece of wood that appeared to be part of some broken furniture from their struggle. She could see the womans husband laying on the floor next to them, his face was mutilated and it was apparent that he was already dead. —

When the police had arrived at the Lucky 8 Motel, the large man was dead, floating face down in the swimming pool. Several doors to vacant rooms had been kicked in where the man had searched around trying to find someone else to unleash his rage upon. – After proper medical care and giving the authorities all the information that she could think of, Monica finally made it home where her parents took her in for safety.

Exactly two years later, on the date of her escape, Monica Givens hung herself in her parent’s garage. She had left a note saying, “Mom, Dad, I cannot live with my past while it still haunts my present. I love you for everything you’ve done. I know and you know that you have tried. it’s not your fault. Please don’t tell anyone the truth about me and the other girls, they will never understand like you do.” When the authorities asked the Givens family what Monica meant in her suicide letter, her parents said they didn’t know what the note was talking about. People sometimes claim they see a strange dark mist roll out from under the garage doors, where she took her own life, but then it vanishes into thin air. The four day body snatching party didn’t end well for anyone

There – it’s FAKE, but now you have a story to fit the photo. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT


~ William C. Raustler