Story Press: The Box, by William C. Raustler



Another Complete The Ending game, story and setup was started by me, however about 60 people gave answers as to what they thought was in the box. I added my ending to it later, which is included in this post. This was a bit inspired by The Twilight Zone TV show and the 1976 horror film called “The Omen” –  due to their level of solitude and dark malevolence. 



Intro/setup by William C. Raustler 

You are walking through a town you have never been to. No one is outside and you haven’t heard a single car the entire time you’ve been there. All of the homes are nice looking and it almost seems as if you’ve stepped into a ghost town from a 50’s television show. You see a box on the side of the road. When you lean over to look at it you think you see the curtains in a nearby home move as if someone was looking out at you.

After looking around at all of the homes, there is no one there but you have that awkward feeling as if a lot of people are watching. “Hello! Is anyone around here?” After waiting for a reply for a minute or two you realize that you haven’t heard a dog’s bark or any children playing. In fact, you don’t remember seeing squirrels or birds in the trees either. You look back down at the box and instead of opening it you decide to continue walking.

After walking another mile things begin to seem familiar. It seems like you had been there before and the houses begin to look like the neighborhood that you had just traveled from. You see the house in which you thought the curtains had moved at and it dawns on you that you are back where you started from, where you had seen the box. There it is again, on the ground. You walk over to it, cautiously looking around at the homes on each side of the road. “I must have walked in a circle somehow.” You laugh and shrug it off, wiping the sweat from your forehead.

You repeat the entire journey one last time only this time you are sure to take a few roads that you certainly never took before, but again you are there in front of the same houses and by the same damn box. Nervous, you start to yell, “What do you want from me? Oh C’mon, come out of your houses!” The box makes a creaking sound and the clasp comes undone.

You decide you want to know what the contents are.  So tell me, when you opened the box, WHAT-WAS- IN- IT?

————————————————————-Complete The Ending-——————————————————————–

Ending by William C. Raustler 

Kneeling down, you slowly lift the lid, there is nothing in the box. It looks like something is engraved at the bottom of it so you look a little closer. Just as you start to make out the words you hear clapping and a lot of townspeople all around you. You look up to see kids riding bicycles and flying kites, people hugging and crying with smiles on their faces, and a mob of people running down the road to greet you. — “OH, we are so glad to have you here in our town.” One lady says as she grabs your arm, pulling you away from the box. “Yes, come join us, are you thirsty?” Says one of the men. —

Overwhelmed by the sudden appearance of the people you jerk your arm away from the woman and take a few steps back towards the box. The more people that show up the more you notice that some of them have modern looking clothing on while most of them have clothes from different periods in time. A bald gentleman steps up, “Now don’t be shy.” he says. Another stern looking man says, ” We’ll need you to step away from that box now.” Looking back at the opened box you reply, “Why? What is it with that stupid box anyway?” – The bald man motions for a few of the other men to come over, “Just take our advice and step back in the yard now.” he says. But as the bald man steps closer to grab your arm you step back another few feet. Suddenly the other men that had come over grab you and start dragging you away from the box against your will. You start to fight back so they drag you towards the home in which you had seen the curtains move at. You fight back as much as possible kicking at them, trying not to give in. Someone from the gathering crowd yells, “Tie that person up!”

They start to tie you to the post on the front porch and you see many of the men in the crowd rushing towards the box with wood, bricks, and other construction supplies. The bald man shouts out to them, “Quick! Build it all the way around it! — As they start to build a small brick enclosure around the box a car pulls up and parks across the street from the house. Everyone stops what they are doing and steps back into the yard trying to distance themselves from the structure they had began working on. A man in a suit, a woman, and a little boy get out of the car. The man looks around at all of the people with a smile, “Hello everyone. I’m Tom. My wife and I were driving when we had seen one of your children walking down the road. Does anyone know who his parents are?” The boy steps around the car and stands in front of the half built structure by the box and begins looking around at everyone with disappointment. The boy starts laughing out loud in a maniacal tone. A few of the townspeople start to close in on the boy but as he stops laughing and looks up at them they freeze in their tracks.

Tom notices you are tied to the porch and asks, “What’s going on here?” Tom’s wife grabs his arm and whispers, “Maybe we should leave now, Tom. We can take the boy with us, I don’t think it’s safe.” One of the townspeople on the porch next to you unties you from the pole. You start to walk towards Tom and his wife, “Tom is it? I don’t know these people, they just attacked me here. The strangest thing happened they weren’t here and then they were. I’d really appreciate a ride out of here. You think you could..” As you get a little closer to their car Tom and his wife back up and Tom yells, “Stay where you are! We don’t know you and I’m not sure what you’ve done to get tied up either.” – You stop and try to explain some more, “But you don’t understand, that box, that box.. there is something really strange going on here and I need to get out of here…” Tom interrupts, “Do you hear yourself? Saying they weren’t here and now they are. You don’t sound like you have it together.”

Frustrated you take a few more steps towards the car, “These people tied me to the porch, and look at them. Just look at them, Tom. There’s something that isn’t right about this town and I need a ride out.” The boy shouts at you, “What’s not right about MY town?” His face looked a little distorted when he talked. A few of the people gasp in fear. A woman from across the street starts to walk towards the boy with a pie in her hands, “I’ve got your favorite today. Let me cut you a…” She vanishes as soon as the boy looks at her. Tom’s wife cries out, “Where did she go, Tom?” Tom tries to open his wife’s car door to let her in but the door won’t open. Tom looks at the boy, “Now listen here..” Tom vanishes as well, but as he did you could hear him screaming in agony as his voice faded away. — The quiet townspeople all have the look of shock and fear in their eyes, some of them on the verge of crying. The boy waves his hand across the brick structure that was being built around the box and the structure collapses to the ground shattering into little pieces. He steps closer to the box and puts his hand on the lid. The people all scream and begin to rush toward him with rakes, knives, rocks, bricks, and whatever they had near them trying to stop him and they all cry out in horror as the lid closes. As soon as the clasp is closed everyone in the town disappears again, including Tom’s wife.

The boy steps towards you in the yard and with a smug look upon his face he says, “Hmm, I wasn’t expecting you. Where did you come from?” He looks at you as if to study you somehow. “Only the one’s I’ve chosen can find this place.” You begin to yell at him, “Wait! Where did everyone go to?” You can’t just leave them like that? You can’t… can you?” You turn back towards the house and the empty yards looking for the people, “Where did you all go? Do you hear me? Say something and I’ll find you!” You turn and the boy is walking away from you as he says, “They can’t see or hear you. They can’t see or hear each other either. You’re alone, all of you are alone.” You try to follow the boy down the road, surely you can change his mind, whomever… whatever he is. He must change his mind. Just as you get half way down the road you freeze up and your body won’t take another step forward, but you can step back. “You can’t just trap us here, I won’t let you!” you shout frantically. “I’ll figure this out and when I do you’ll be sorry!” The boy turns and looks at you with a contorted appearance releasing a grueling screech that almost makes your ears bleed, sending chills straight to your soul. You run back to the box but you are unable to touch it, each time you try your hand just stops. You fall to your knees in front of it and just stare at the clasp, hoping it will open for you again. You look around the town remembering when it was full of people, hoping they appear again. Staring at the box minutes turn to hours, hours into days, days into weeks… alone.


~ William C. Raustler

If you wish to say what you think would or should have been in the box, feel free to use the comment block below to do so. Thank you of reading.