Survival: A Few Hurricane Tips


If you live in Florida, per Governor Scott — text FLPREPARES to 888777 for text updates about Hurricane Matthew. These text messages come directly from the state emergency response team.

A few hurricane tips from Beyond the Circle:

1. Fill the tubs with water. If your water gets shut off you can use the tub water in the toilets to flush with.

2. Keep a lot of water in the fridge. If you have an empty 2 liter or milk jug, fill it up and consider freezing it so if your power goes out you can drink what’s in the fridge first. Only open the freezer to get things when you have to.

3. Out of candles? Shoe polish in the tins will burn for hours. When it cools it hardens and can be used again. A single crayon will burn for up to 25 minutes or more. Don’t remove the paper, it’s your wick.

4. Afraid of the food going bad if the power goes out? Think about what can be prepared in a different way. Hard boiled eggs will last longer. You can still keep them in the fridge, but if the power goes out they are still good for awhile. Food for thought, right?

5. Keep a bag ready to go in case you have to leave in a hurry. Have dry clothes wrapped in plastic so you can change when you find a safe place. Keep your meds and important paperwork or documents (birth certificate, ss card etc) in ziplock baggies, in the bag.

6. If you have to leave, know where you’re going and know more than one way to get there.

7. If someone tries to loot and breaks in… kill them.


Add to the list if you have other tips. If you’re in the areas where the hurricane will hit, like me, then be safe and try to help others if and when you can. I’m putting together a small group to go out and help people after the storm is gone.  People along the coast will be hit the hardest and may need help cleaning up, getting clothes or whatever the case may be. Don’t forget to be compassionate and willing to help others, but don’t be taken advantage of.


Until next time…


William C. Raustler