Survival: Biohackers Create $35 DIY EpiPencil


Michael Laufer’s biohacking group, Four Thieves Vinegar, is outraged with pharmaceutical companies and the price hiking tyrants that run them. Just last August, Mylan, one of those evil companies, raised the price of a life-saving product called the EpiPen from $50 to about $300. For those of you that don’t know about the EpiPen, it’s a syringe that delivers a dose of epinephrine, a hormone that helps those who might go into anaphylactic shock. Many diabetics have to keep one on hand. Many who may go through severe allergic reactions need the pen as well; they might suffocate because their throats close shut blocking their airways. The epinephrine injection counteracts the allergic attack quickly and has saved many people’s lives.

People who need an EpiPen readily available, have to buy a few, keeping one at home,  maybe one at work  and/or in their purse in case of such an emergency. Just like any other medication, the EpiPens have an expiration date. People were paying around $100 for a two-pack  and are now forced to dish out $600 a year for their replacements. This is where Laufer’s biohacking group stepped in to show the public another, much more affordable, way.

Four Thieves Vinegar is introducing a fully functional, extremely more affordable, safe and easy to create DYI preloaded injector they are calling the EpiPencil. You can purchase each component online or over the counter, except for the epinephrine vials, which you can get a prescription for. The EpiPencil uses the Autoinject 2 which has a safety mechanism included, only allowing the button to be set off when the device is pushed against your skin. There’s a spring that has to be pushed in for it to work as you’ll see in the video below. You can click these links that show you where to purchase the Autoinject 2 as well as a link to the biohacker’s page, that allows you to download the instruction packet for the EpiPencil.

Tell your friends about this article and about the affordable EpiPencil, their lives may depend on it. If you’re against the EpiPencil, tell us why. Below is the sticker the biohackers have created for you to print out and they reccomend wrapping it arround the injector for easy how-to steps.






















What do you think about biohackers and the work they are doing to try to help deliver alternate solutions?

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