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Question Asked on our FaceBook page: How many of you believe that you have seen a real UFO? You can let us know by a show of likes, or better yet, share your experience with us. What did you see? If you had to guess, why do you think they were at that location? if you leave a comment, please leave a the year and location of your experience. I’m sure this is something everyone here would like to know about. Thanks. 


  • Cassie Markovic July 2010, Utah. Can’t remember the name of the campsite my dad girlfriend and I were up talking my dad and kids were asleep in the tent. We saw a red orb across the lake, now there were lights almost looked like a carnival so we dismissed it, 30 minute later it was several yards to the left of the original sighting we both mentioned how odd it was but again dismissed it, as we got up to go to bed we noticed it over the lake, it pulsated then disappeared. We both looked to each other making sure the other had seen the same, went to bed. Or atleast tried to, the rest of the trip we never saw anything else like it. Bizarre experience.
  • Todd Baran It was an August night in 2000….full moon or almost a full moon. In Bolingbrook Illinois, my self, my ex-wife, my mom my brother and my neighbors all witnesed 3 flying object moving in herky jerkey movements by the moon. Was not a plane or hellicopter….it looked like 3 bright lights moving back & forth on an angle…it was crazy…I was in the military and so was my brother. IT WAS NOTHING like we have ever seen before!
  • Terry Notasmussen 2004 outside Whitewater,WI saw a blueish light hovering off to the right side of the road. It was early evening and that town has a history of weird shit that has happened in it and is known as the Second Salem so Who knows why they were there. They mightve been conjured in that location for all I know.
  • Cassie Markovic Second sighting was last week, I thought I was looking at Orion’s Belt, when suddenly the middle “star” suddenly dropped beneath the rest forming a triangle. I was on the phone, and almost lost my shit about it. Needless to say I took my butt back inside, sveral people in the area claimed to see the same thing. North Las Vegas, NV 2013
  • Julie Juya Lopez …about 2 months ago, my family and I were traveling down the expressway and I noticed a strange bright light in the sky, it was fairly low, it definitely wasn’t a star, so I pointed it out to my sister and asked her what it was…after watching it for a few seconds it shot out a fireball and the fireball stopped moving under it, the fireball turned into the same type of light “craft” as the first, then they shot straight back up in the air…I would later regret seeing that…
  • Tonya Brooks The date was Oct 19, 1997 in Lawrenceburg, KY. The day before I had just gotten married and we had to make a long trip from Pikeville, Ky to Lawrenceburg, KY. Well, it was dark and my husband and I saw a bright red ball of light which looked like a fireball and it seemed to move rapidly through the sky and it seemed to make sharp turns and go in different directions. Still have no idea what it was.
  • Dantes Angelica Funny this subject came up. I just made a report to the National UFO Reporting Center four days ago. My story is lengthy, if anyone wishes to hear it, IM me with contact info.
  • Becky Bush-Boyett October 1987 everett WA. there was something hovering over my front yard. it was after 8 pm. the front yard was lit up like day light. it made no sound, no wind. it stayed there (low enough to see each individual light) for about 5 mins. the lights were so bright it was like looking into the sun, but didnt hurt my phone rang and i ran inside to answer it, when i came back out 2 mins later, it was gone. i looked around and saw it about 6 or 8 blocks east of was weird..
  • Andrea Mills Arizona lights in the sky moving fast and no sound
  • Susan Longi-Michael I swear I saw a space ship 2 nights ago. At 3am. Had my binoculors and all then it was just gone.
  • Chris Nummerdor I saw one in ’93. It seems that they like the area I was in (Northern Kettle Moraine State Forest in WI).
  • Dillon Sith Somewhere between Idaho and Spokane, WA. Light followed our car for a good 30 minutes.
  • Rachael Jeffers A couple of years ago my stepson and i were walking after dark i happened to look up and say an object not far above us, maybe 2 or 3 times as high as the telephone poles. There were no lights and it had the share of a Boomerang with one arm longer than the other. I called my stepson’s attention to it and we watched for about 15 minutes or so. It was not moving very quickly and we live in a heavily populated area so it could have been observing something.
  • Rob Rolland 1991- St Croix State Park – Mn and Wi border.
  • Jill Davendonis Marks In Myrtle Beach. 3 round orange orbs Looked away for a second because I was driving and they were gone. Even our meteorologist admitted he’d seen them also. This happened maybe last year?? I can’t remember the date.
  • Patricia Smith about 30 years ago i was watching a comet storm and noticed a star above the tree in the backyard i didnt see before, after the comets passed the so called star took off so fast over my head that by the time i stood up it was gone. ufo? yes or no?
  • Barbara Dew Moorman VA Beach, VA 2008? I think? There was a thunderstorm going on, with semi high winds, and I looked up at the sky and saw a spinning disc, up in the clouds. It was staying in one position while the wind was blowing and the clouds were going across the sky. And then it was gone. It wasn’t an aircraft of any sort I’ve ever seen, and it was hovering in midair, despite the winds.
  • Michaele Cormier 09/89 I was out side a Military base in Southern California; I spotted a triangular object just hovering in the night sky, took off very fast, then turned on a dime… UFO, or the Stealth I don’t know.
  • Mary Beth Rogers-Gonzalez yep in up state ny
  • William C. Raustler Lebanon, TN – 1996 or so? – There were four or five of us camping and we were walking through the woods at about 1 AM looking for firewood and just hanging out when one of us had seen what we thought was a satellite in the sky. As we watched it, it seemed to be coming towards us and got bigger then it just sat still. It had several lights and didn’t look like anything I’d ever seen before. I remember one of us jokingly saying something about it’s probably a UFO, then someone else made a remark saying something about how crazy it would be to be abducted – then no sooner than he said it the craft (lights) bolted off one direction the suddenly went in another and vanished into the night.
    More will be added soon.