The Cash/Landrum Encounter

cash landrumIn the photo: Vicky Landrum – Left,  Betty Cash – Right

December 29th, 1980 – Betty Cash and Vicky Landrum and Vicky’s grandson, seven-year-old Colby Landrum were driving home to Dayton, Texas on a two way road. It was about 9:00 PM when they noticed a bright fire in the sky opening up just above the tree lines. They said it looked as if the sky and everything around it was on fire and instantly Vicky believed it was the end of times. Vicky even told her grandson Colby not to be afraid if he seen a man come to them because she believed it would be Jesus taking them to Heaven.

The fire in the sky lingered for a while as Betty got out to observe. After getting a better look at it she realized it was a bright red glowing diamond shaped craft with flames shooting from the bottom. As the craft came closer everything around them began to get really hot and Vicky yelled for Betty to get back into the car. The door handle was too hot to touch, Betty had to wrap her hand in cloth to open it. Just as Betty closed her door they noticed several helicopters that quickly surrounded the craft.

Shortly after the helicopters arrived the craft flew away at a 45 degree angle. Betty, Vicky, and Colby had counted 23 military grade helicopters with double rotors (Chinooks) that were then trying to follow the craft. The incident left all three victims with burns and blisters on their bodies. Sometimes handfuls of hair would just fall out as well. Since Betty had gotten out of the car she suffered the most, having to be admitted to the hospital three times in one month for what they determined to be radiation exposure. Betty had blisters under her eyelids, in her nose and mouth, and all over her body. She later was diagnosed with Cancer and passed away. Vicky had various burns on her flesh and has passed away now as well.

Betty’s doctor who treated her illness and radiation exposure for years had sent more than 20 different requests to obtain her medical records from the hospital and they were never given to him. He said that he believed the records had been struck or blocked by the government for reasons unknown. While Betty was in the hospital she was held in a room downstairs, where there were no other patients. Her daughter, whom was allowed to visit, said the door had a hazard sign on it and when being treated the nurses used face masks and large gloves.

For several years Betty and Vicky searched for answers and were told that there were no helicopters in the sky that night. They filed a lawsuit against the military saying that if it wasn’t a UFO then it was a military experiment that caused their sickness and mental anguish, though they knew deep down that they had seen something out of this world. Either way, something was being hidden from them and they wanted the truth. There were also other people that said they had seen the bright red UFO on the same night, and close to the same time.

The Cover Up:

The military had said that there were no helicopters in the air that night, even the local airport said they had no record of helicopters or UFO reports. A few weeks after the incident occurred Vicky and Colby had gone to the fair where a Chinook was on display along with a pilot that was there just to meet and greet anyone that wanted to look at it. The pilot, without knowing who Vicky was, started talking about flying on a mission on the night of December 29th – when Vicky started to ask more questions and he realized he had said to much, he then told her that he couldn’t talk about it any further due to national security reasons. There he was, a pilot confessing to being on a mission in his helicopter, the same night that the military claims there were no helicopters in the air.

Other eyewitnesses had also seen double rotor “military” helicopters in the sky on December 29th. They said the helicopters had their search lights on and were spread out as if they had lost something.

The military claims that they didn’t have enough helicopters that would have been readily available to have been there that night. They must have forgotten about Task Force 160 whom had more than enough Chinooks and pilots to either launch a black mission for testing new military craft or had their been a UFO in the area they could have been there in enough time to surround it.

A few days after the encounter several black unmarked trucks were seen at the location of the Cash/Landrum incident with a crew whom broke away the asphalt of the road for a few hundred feet, maybe even a longer distance. This secret crew repaved the road multiple times and then left as if nothing had ever happened. The city road commission has no record of construction on that road since well before the encounter happened. It is believed that the military may have been trying to hide the radiation from being found or maybe they needed it for testing purposes. No matter if the craft was a UFO or a military operation gone bad, the road was evidence that needed removed.  So what do we think? Was the Cash/Landrum incident a close encounter of the second kind, or is the military trying to cover up a secret craft they’ve made that has an atomic engine giving off high levels of radiation where ever it may travel? I guess both are possible, but it sounds kind of UFO-ish to me.



Until next time…

~ William C. Raustler