The Chambers Mansion for Sale


The Chambers Mansion is up for sale, at a fetching price of only $4.5 million. Built in 1887 the first owner, Richard Chambers, lived with two nieces there and was believed to have held many seances to conjure the spirits of their dead relatives to invite them in as guides to their life. After Richard died in 1901 one of the nieces moved to a location next door, while Claudia Chambers (the other niece) stayed in the mansion. Rumor has it that over the years there was a fourth family member that lived there whom no one ever really had seen, due to him/her being kept in the attic. This mystery family member was kept locked away because he/she had mental problems and was hard to deal with.

Claudia met her doom one fine afternoon by nearly being chopped in half by a piece of farm equipment, in which her family considered to be an accident but most will tell you that the insane relative escaped from the attic, chased Claudia into the Josephine room, and killed her. In 1977 the home was converted into a Hotel and has kept guests that you’d recognize such as Barbra Streisand, Robert DeNiro and Robin Williams. There have been many claims of paranormal experiences from guests and local Californian ghost hunters as well.

If you are interested in buying this haunted mansion, contact Joan Gordan via the link below. The home has 5 rooms, 6 1/2 bathrooms, and is 5,726 sq ft of beauty. Aside from the idea that many members of the Chambers family still resides there, it’s a nice little shack. I’d just stay away from farming equipment and everything should be alright.

Here is the listing for those of you interested in seeing the interior of this beautiful haunted location. There are several photos that can be found on the real estate site. Personally, I’d live there in a heartbeat.

That’s all…

~ William C. Raustler