The Griggs Mansion for Sale

The Griggs Mansion is on the haunted market. Wholesale grocery businessman, Chauncey Griggs, had this beautiful victorian style mansion built in 1883 and only lived there for four years before deciding it was time to move on. The Griggs mansion is notoriously known as the most haunted home in Saint Paul, Minnesota.

The manifestations have a history that seem to be as interesting as the murder house on the tv show “American Horror Story” with apparitions of a maid, a gardner, a child, a thin man in a black suit, a girl named Amy whom loves piano, and even a general from the Civil War.


In 1915 the young maid hung herself on the fourth floor and has appeared to several people over the years. It’s very common to be in the home and hear footsteps walking towards you, or to see a door open and close. People often hear what sounds like someone flipping through the pages of a book, which they believe is the former gardner whom used the library to often look up information about plants and gardening.


The house is surrounded by a sandstone wall for privacy, and is well kept. This mansion is 16,534 square-foot, and comes with a 2,954-square-foot carriage house that was built out back. This haunted home is on the market for only $1.1 million. Oh and, it is also known that Chauncey himself was a general, and it is believed that the medium that picked up on that presence thought it was Chauncy keeping an eye on his mansion. But this gang of ghosts sounds like they love the place and that’s why they are still there. Any takers?

If you are interested in seeing this home, the ghosts of the Griggs Mansion still reside at 476 Summit Avenue, in Saint Paul, Minnesota

That’s all…

~ William C. Raustler