The Michelham Priory


The Michelham Priory in Sussex was built in 1229, but then was ordered to be closed by Henry VIII in 1537 during the time in which he was changing his religious views. This location has housed many occupants. In 1601 Thomas Sackville, the 1st Earl of Dorset and famous poet had bought the priory. Canadian troops used the location as a base in 1941 while they prepared for the Dieppe Raid. The raid included over 6000 infantrymen from the Allied Forces whom fought against the Germans. Nearly 4000 of their men died in the raid. Some of the spirits at the priory may be from those that stayed there during their time of planning, revisiting the property.

Though the structure had some damage due to a small fire in 1925, it was repaired and is still as beautiful as ever. In 1959 one of the last owners of the priory, Mrs. R.H. Hotblack, gave the property to the Sussex Archaeological Society. Today the Michelham Priory can be seen by visitors and has many reports of paranormal activity. People can be heard talking and moving around. The groundskeeper, whom lives in the upper room of the property has had several experiences in which he has heard things shifting around and when he’d go into the room furniture had been moved out of place. The items being moved around the room has left long scratch marks on the floor at times.

Paranormal investigators have had many experiences there, claiming to have seen apparitions, hearing voices, feeling someone touch them, and have picked up EMF readings from the center of rooms where there were no possible electrical wires or devices to have set the equipment off. They have seen light energy orbs in areas that they witnessed manifestations at as well. One team brought a medium to stay the night while they investigated, the medium said that there are many spirits that remain but the most aggressive seemed to be that of Thomas Sackville. The medium claimed that Sackville may have also had an infatuation with a young girl that once lived there who may have died on the property as well.  Rumor has it that one time a group of 20 nurses all went to the haunted priory to see if they were brave enough to stay the entire night, but they had all left before morning due to paranormal experiences.


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~ William C. Raustler