The Rock of Cashel Hauntings


There is a mythological story in Ireland that Satan was once cast out of a cave by St. Patrick that was on a mountain called Devil’s Bit. According to legend, after being banished from the cave Satan was so angry that he took a bite out of the mountain, leaving a gap in the land and breaking some of his teeth away. When he opened his mouth the rock fell back to the land and created what is now called The Rock of Cashel. Upon this rock there are several structures that have been built, including a beautifully dark chapel.

In 1789 the Book of Dimma was discovered in the cave. This manuscript illuminates the four gospels and was written sometime in the 8th century at a monastery. Legend has it that St. Cronan ordered his scribe Dimma to create the manuscript and that for 40 days the sun did not set while it was being written. During the 40 days Dimma didn’t get tired or want for food, either. This book went missing for over two centuries and after finally being found in the cave, now held at the library of Trinity College in Dublin.

In 1954 a cross was erected on the rock that stands 45 foot tall and spans 25 foot wide. People gather there every year for what’s called Rock Mass – which is the closest Sunday to the feast of St. James (July 25th). The cathedral is attached to a massive castle. During the Irish Confederate Wars many troops were slaughtered there as well as any Roman clergymen that may have been present. A century later Arthur Price , the Archbishop of Cashel, gave the orders to have the roof removed from the castle. Many people were against his decision but to this day, the ruins stand as a tourist attraction – with no roof. In recent years many paranormal claims have been made, including those that claim to have caught a shadow of a clergyman at the chapel. (photo2) – People have heard the choir sing, and some have seen a crying man near the graveyard.


~ William C. Raustler










The Rock of Cashel